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Finding Information About Physicians Online

There are many resources available online for learning about doctors and their capabilities to help us. Learn about the different kinds of physician information and the best places to find them.

Physician Directory and Ratings Websites
Reader input -- doctor ratings, review and directory websites.

How to Find the Right Doctor Online
There are dozens of websites to help you find a doctor. Which of the sites is credible or useful? Learn how to do a useful search for a physician online.

Stay Away from Personal Health or Medical "Ask a Doctor" Advice ...
Websites that offer doctors to provide one-on-one personal medical advice for free or for a fee are available to patients who have medical questions. Learn why these sites range from worthless to dangerous.

What Can You Learn from Doctors Ratings or Rankings Websites?
There are dozens of physicians ratings and rankings websites available to help patients decide which doctors can help them. But there are some problems with the way the information is interpreted and presented. Wise patients understand the benefits, and the pitfalls of using these sites.

Reviews of Physician Directories and Ratings Websites
We reviewed individual doctors ratings and rankings websites to see how helpful they may be. Here is how we rated those ratings websites.

How We Reviewed Doctor Ratings Directories and Websites
Of the dozens of existing doctor directories and ratings websites, few are worth your time. We spent time with many of them to figure out which ones might work for you. Learn how we reviewed the ratings and directory websites.

How to Find a Doctor's Medical Malpractice Track Record
While it's easy to find plenty of information about doctors online, not all if it is the information we really need. Checking on a doctor's medical malpractice track record may produce the background information we need, or it may just muddy the doctor research waters.

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