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Is It Really All in Your Head?

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There may be no more frustrating declaration from a doctor than, "Relax. You don't really have a problem. It's all in your head." She may be right, or more likely, she's very wrong. Here are some thoughts, and some steps to take when the verdict is that it's all in YOUR head.

Really? All in Your Head?
Patient Empowerment Spotlight10

Among Doctors There are Way Too Many Bad Apples

Arrogant, disrespectful, mistake-prone doctoring seems to be on the rise. Until other physicians begin to police their own, patients will continue to suffer and die.

Do You Take a Generic Drug? It May Be Fake or Adulterated

America's generic drug supply is now tainted with fake and adulterated drugs. If you are taking a generic drug, be aware of the problems and take steps to get a hold of the "real" active ingredients.

Surgery Bait-and-Switch - Who Will Perform Your Surgery?

Imagine scheduling knee replacement surgery after having extensive conversations with the orthopedic surgeon, only to find out that your surgeon hadn't been the one to do your surgery - someone else (possibly a student) did it.

Riddle Me This: Who Is the Surgeon?

A young boy and his father are in a car accident.  The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital, taken immediately into surgery... Who is his surgeon?

Steve Jobs, His Transplant, and Whose Business Is It Anyway?

When Steve Jobs needed a new liver, he had the money and wherewithall to find one, even though he relocated temporarily to do so. Did he jump the line for an available organ? Is this something we are entitled to have an opinion about?

Is It a Spider Bite? Or Is It MRSA?

It's puffy, red, itchy - and you aren't sure where that sore came from. Is it MRSA? Or is it a spider bite? Here's how to figure it out.

What Do You Expect from Your Doctor?

Patients too often want their doctors to do what they tell their doctors to do, and not what is best for them. But - who can be sure what is best? And is that expectation realistic?

Should Doctors Keep Secrets from Patients?

Your doctor may think it's OK to keep secrets from you - but it's not. Learn more about the reasons they may think it's OK, and what to do if you think your doctor is keeping secrets from you.

Annual Mammogram - Changing Venues for Loss of Trust

Testing centers want to make as much money as they can. Here's what happened when one asked me to return to re-do a test.

Medical Justice Prevents Patients From Sharing Opinions

A company called Medical Justice works with doctors to prevent you from sharing your opinion. Now doctors can hire them, too, to plant bogus reviews on review websites - making you think the doctor is better than her or she really is. Be aware of this way doctors can game the system using you as a pawn.

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