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Patient advocates, caregivers and other health advocates play a helpful and unique role in helping others through difficult medical challenges. There are a number of legal, organizational and personal aspects to caring for others that require special attention. Whether your interest is in helping a loved one, or if you are considering patient advocacy as a career, you'll find resources here.
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Master List of Articles About Patient Advocacy and Becoming an Advocate
Are you interested in patient advocacy, perhaps choosing patient advocacy as a career? Patients need assistance with all aspects of care, ranging from medical and navigational assistance, to help sorting out their hospital and medical bills, to legal help, too. Here is a master list of articles about patient advocate and becoming a patients...

An Overview of Patient Advocacy
Knowing the forms of patient advocacy can help someone who wishes to assist a patient understand better what her role will be.

So You Want to be a Patients Advocate?
There are many types of patient advocates and many routes to becoming a patients advocate. The education, skills and experience needed vary according to the type of patients advocate one wants to be.

Getting a Job as a Patient Advocate
So you've decided you want to be a patient advocate, but how can you find a good paying job as a patient advocate?

How to Start a Patient Advocate Business
If you are an entrepreneur, enjoy patient advocacy work, and wish to start a business caring for others, starting a patient advocates business may be a good choice. Here are the steps to starting a successful patient advocate's business.

How to Interview and Choose a Patient Advocate
A patient advocate who has the experience and skills you need to assist you will be difficult. You'll want to be sure to screen candidates well to be sure they have the credentials and abilities they claim to have, and the ability to help you. Ask the following questions to help you choose the person who will advocate on your behalf.

Can a Patient Advocate or Patient Navigator Help You?
As the healthcare system becomes more complex and it becomes increasingly difficult to know whether we are getting the medical care we need, it may be possible to get the help and peace of mind we need from a patient advocate or navigator, depending on where their allegiance lies.

What Is the Difference Between a Patient Advocate and a Patient Navigator?
There seems to be some confusion over the terms "patient advocate" and "patient navigator." Let's clear up the confusion and understand what benefits these roles can bring to our patient care.

What Services Do Patient Advocates Offer?
Patients need many kinds of assistance from medical help, to cost and billing review, to transportation, legal or hospital assistance. Each service requires a different type of approach and background.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Private Patient or Health Advocate?
It seems like health insurance covers at least part of our health and medical needs, but private advocates are not covered. So how much does it cost to hire one, and what are the considerations for determining that cost?

Choosing Your Patient Advocate or Navigator Educational Courses or Programs
Here are some steps and questions to help you determine which health or patient advocacy program or course is the right one for you to take when you are considering becoming a health or patient advocate or navigator.

Become a Patient Advocate: Degrees and Certificates
There are a handful of degree and certificate programs available for patient's advocates. They are listed here and updated as more information becomes available.

Mediation – Finding Resolution for Healthcare Related Arguments

Are Patient Advocates Certified or Credentialed?
Most medical professionals must be educated and tested to be licensed and credentialed. While some patient and health advocate programs claim to certify patient advocates, those claims must be examined. Learn about patient and health advocate credentialing and the future of accrediting programs.

How to Visit Someone in the Hospital
Hospital visits can be dangerous for patients, and one safety hazard is the patient's visitors. Keep in mind these do's and don'ts for visiting your friend or loved one in the hospital to be sure he or she stays safe.

Advance Directives - Legal Documents for Caregivers
Caregivers will want to be sure to have documentation in place for the end-of-life wishes of the patient they care for. Here's an explanation of what those documents will be, and links to the legal requirements of all 50 states.

Privacy and Security of Medical Records: HIPAA Laws and Advocacy
The privacy of medical records, based on federal and state laws, can create hurdles for patients' advocates. Understanding what those hurdles are, and where to get more information about overcoming them, can help you work on someone else's behalf.

Respecting Your Loved One's Wishes
As an advocate for another person, you are expected to fulfill their wishes for end of life care. The documents which outline those wishes are called "advanced directives." They include healthcare proxies, living wills, and DNRs (do not resuscitate orders), and are governed by the laws of the state in which the patient resides.

Helping Others Get The Good Medical Care They Deserve
When someone is sick or hurt, it's difficult for them to manage their journey through the healthcare system themselves. Making appointments, remembering everything the doctor has told them, reviewing pros and cons of treatment options, making decisions, reconciling medical bills -- there's a lot to handle - and they may ask you for help. Whether you are a caregiver helping a loved one, or wish to become a professional health advocate, here is some information to help you help others.

When Health Advocates Work with Patients to Improve their Healthcare Outcomes
More and more patients are finding that they cannot get the medical care they need unless someone helps them get it. While sometimes there are loved ones and family caregivers who can step in to help, frequently patients must find professional help from patient or health advocates or navigators. Here are stories written by these... See... See...See submissions

When a Friend or Loved One is a Patient Advocate
As healthcare gets more confusing and frustrating, sometimes we have to step in to help out those we love get through the system and get the healthcare they deserve. Have you been a patient advocate for someone you love? Or did someone step up to help you? Share your story and what you learned to help others, too. See submissions See submissions

How to Help a Friend Who Is Sick
When a friend has been diagnosed with something dire, or has been badly injured in an accident, it's difficult to know the right things to say. But saying nothing at all can be misconstrued by the friend, too. Here are some appropriate ways to help the person we care about know we are there for them.

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