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A Rose by Any Other Name - Still Means You Have to Buy Health Insurance

By January 23, 2013

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If you are uninsured, self-employed, or have purchased your health insurance as an individual (because your employer doesn't offer insurance) then you have probably heard the term "Exchanges" since implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) started.

It's the answer to the "Oh my gawd, how will I afford health insurance?" question.

It turns out that some of the folks who are still battling the new ACA have glommed on to the term "exchanges" in order to make the entire concept more confusing to us, the people who will need to purchase health insurance. They are trying to make the entire process even more confusing, probably as a way to try to convince you that "exchanges" are somehow a bad thing.

They aren't. So - a couple of things here.

First - recognizing that the term "exchanges" could be confusing, and wishing to make clearer to us insurance purchasers (I truly truly HATE the word "consumers" when it comes to healthcare!) what they really are, the government has now changed the term "exchanges" to Health Insurance Marketplaces.

Learn more about Health Insurance MarketPlaces and how they can benefit you here.

Second - Health Insurance Marketplaces are going to help lower the cost of insurance because they will bring all the insurance companies together into one place so you can do one-stop shopping for the right plan for you. Because those companies will compete for your insurance dollars, they will have to price their plans competitively, too.

It doesn't matter what you call them - they are a good step in the right direction. They are the right thing to do for patients.

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January 24, 2013 at 9:01 pm
(1) gemdiamondintherough says:

Hello once again!
Yup! anything they can give a new name, so that even those of us that are in the industry, have difficulty figuring it out!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, it would be best, if we never had an accident, never got sick, never were born with a medical challenge. Then we would never need to use the medical system!!!!
But of course, our society in general says one thing about how to keep yourself as healthy as possible, but then promote items which we know are not a help!!!!!!! Again, the bottom line is MONEY!!!!!
Yes, some people deliberately make choices, that will impair their health, but are all of to be “punished”, in some form or another?
I know that there is not one easy simplistic answer, but really, do we have to make everything more confusing and hardier. Our goal should be to make it EASIER!!!

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