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Readers Respond: About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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Updated April 16, 2009

Have you been denied medical care from a doctor? Did you know why, and were you able to repair the relationship? Or did you have to move on to find another doctor? Please share your story with others to help them understand what behaviors to avoid.

Heartbreaking Stories

These stories are heartbreaking. I have personally had too many bad doctor experiences to tell, but just want to say, Jesus is the great Physician. Thank the Lord He makes housecalls! To doctors and nurses who commented here--you can take your biased two cents elsewhere--to a site called "We abuse and mistreat patients and laugh all the way to the bank" This is for people denied medical care. Doctors will answer to God for this cruelty.
—Guest Faye Lynn


i called a clinic in my small town and gave my name to get an appointment and was told iwas not allowed in ther office i asked why and the nurse said the doctor had a note do not see and asked to see manger and asked why and she said we did not have to tell me i tlod her that was bs and she hung up on me
—Guest cindy cook


Not only if you complain but when I started alerting new patients as to my experiences, with my records, etc. I got stalked. Then when I complained about that stopped and he got a group of people to stalk me.
—Guest bariatrichelp

It's their own fault!

I work in the healthcare industry and routinely deal with patients from ages three to ninety. Baby-boomers are the most disrespectful patients without question. This one age group had become such a problem that our hospital has made a special class teaching personnel how to deal with them. They come in angry, insult nurses, techs, scream in doctors faces, etc. They damage equipment more than any other age group. I've personally seen sensors ripped off and stomped repeatedly, racks of gear tipped over, etc. Everyone from thus age group seems to feel the world revolves around them. If one thing doesn't go their way they flip out and want to sue. Most think that because they signed up for Medicare that they're the boss of everyone at the hospital, like the comment above saying that healthcare workers are employed by the patient. These are highly trained professionals who work miracles daily. If your going to act like a complete ass and show zero respect... Well good luck to you!
—Guest Silo444

Tranferring may not be the answer

I am a grateful rare cancer/adrenalectomy survivor. 19 mo wait dumped in a spine collapse crisis. Transferred to rude #2 misdiagnosis without test with breast cancer, given wrong antibitoics, ER diagnosed as breast MRSA! No follow up by PCP only ER. Dr.#3, first visit, I thanked her for seeing me. She replied: would you like to see our psychiatrist? I was horrified. 8 visits no referral accumulating issues, transferred, filed grievance, rejected as pre exisiting!Found too late, Medical records-falsified Visit 1-8 stating exposure to HIV via family member, IDU? what is that> IV drug user! stigmatizing false diagnosis codes, mental labels, altered birth year on forms! Charged for baby exams! told me to buy my care -she is Fed funded. now-LNP -no treatment-said I am refusing offers! gave one offer-someone with lots of complaints who will not take me; I am crippling in pain can't walk-refused celebrex -terrified I have spine tumor-no help. I advocate to record all visits!
—Guest Glo7

My Psychiatrist Dropped Me Too...

I had a nervous breakdown and was experiencing disabling depression that lasted for several months, along with severe anxiety. When I had to cancel 2 appointments due to anxiety issues, my therapist said that I was basically too mentally messed up for therapy, and that I ought not return until I was "well enough for therapy". ???. With some improvements and a continuing rollercoaster, this has been going on for close to 5 years now...I've been blessed to find a new therapist that understands that I need help to get better....I think sometimes so-called "professionals" forget that they are the employee and that the patients are their employer.

doc\ dimissed me

i liked my doc. very much he let me go because i took a lower dose of pills that he gave me. in so much pain.noy knowing this could happen.on the day of my appt for a nerve block they called 3 hours before i was to go in i was stunned. my heart just broke.i had so much respect got him.he seemed kind caring and gentle, i have cried now for all this week he is a pain dr. that left me in the same pain
—Guest loleta

urgent care refused care unless paid now

I'm at urgent care on genesee st in utica and front desk stated they would refuse to see me if I did not pay a past due balance of twenty dollars.
—Guest joe


I don't know how, but every doctor (pcp) has been extremely stoic with me. None are willing to state any diagnosis, and they resent that I know something about my condition. I cannot gain acceptance into a pain management clinic. They will not accept me. I haven't found out yet who or how they are doing this, but they are very good at it. I talked on the phone with a pain doctor, we had good rapport, he talked like we could definitely have a good doctor/patient relationship. Then, after sending in all the requested forms and having records sent to him, he will not return my e-mails. Was turned down by another clinic, and when I asked why he sent me (in a SAS envelope) a vague jumble of words that seemed to me to have been written by a drunk. Don't know that he was, but the reply was not intelligible. It's a jungle out there.
—Guest Barry


I could'nt believe that a major hospital could blacklist me over thier neglence! I had full hysterectomy and never had any heavy bleeding prior to the operation, my doctor comes in and says " now you won' have that heavy bleeding anymore! " never had heavy bleeding to begin with" so was this hysterectomy unnessessary? then she says " oh and you should have mentioned that you had a hernia, we had to dig through that mesh mess!!! " I filled out tons and tons of paperwork stateing I had hernia operation years before! then my breast implants were broken during a mammogram, and they had noone who could help, so I just figured I would get them out myself,then they switched me to 5 different doctors, when my breasts started to hurt they made me get another mammogram causing my implants to be like jelly donuts, then one day I went into the office and wanted my records and the secretaries had none,and left me to freeze in my gown for 2 hours, then after all of that I am blackballed.
—Guest katiemae

I'm very fortunate

My doctors are all wonderful. I have a mood disorder and also diabetes. And then I see a primary care doc too. Have had them for 12 to 20 years each. Now that I read this, I will be so much more mindful of making sure I am kind to them just as they are to me. I wouldn't want to work for free and wouldn't expect a doc to either unless it was emergency. Thanks for the posts. I've learned a great deal.
—Guest Guest Lisa

add me to the list

I got sick and finally forced to seek treatment at a clinic I have been to for emergencies. I had a lady come in end of visit and say I should see a reg doc for my high BP. I said I had none, only had my (disability) doctor, retired recently, and haven't gotten another one yet. I got mad when double billed for this one 3 minute unasked for encounter, and just said I should have been told I would be billed 2x. She never even said she was a doctor. Never mentioned she was capable of becoming my primary phsy, an emer doc told me she is one. She told me at walk in visit she would not treat me unless I brought in a [psych] note saying I was "stable", and gave instr to desk to give me also the address of a behavior research place! She did give me 3 mos supply of my meds, and double billed again, but I thank her for meds. I need heart checks, yet need note first, like a schoolkid. Fearful of me? I hope not, emotions are normal things. I'd love to have her as my doc.

MD's w/Delusions of Grandeur

There is definitely a problem with MD's disrespecting & slandering patients. There are difficult patients, welcome to the real world. Some patients may react because they feel poorly or because they are not respected by their MD. Doctors are not always correct in their diagnosis. A patient should be able to work through their medical concerns with a competent MD. It could save their life. Since it is the patient who hires the doctor, it can only be the patient who fires or rates the MD. The MD can refuse to treat established patients, but why?. MD's enjoy a certain amount of credibility just because they are MD's. Not because they are competent, honest or right. MD's have a leg up, deserved or not. What does the patient have to insure fair treatment? Many MD'site anxiety, depression & obesity to hide their inability to properly diagnose. There are excellent MD's out there if you are blessed to find one. Unfortunately, the easy money guys have become far too prominent.
—Guest Gracie

denied by doctor

I was denied health care from my doctor because my health card was expired they say, so I called the manitoba heath card place and they said they dont have expiry dates and everything is fine, in the next couple days I go to a walk in clinic to find out I have a severe infection and I get sent to the hospital, all this could have been prevented and under controll if my doctor didnt deny me in the first place. !!
—Guest guest

Blacklisted from Care,test,treatment

I was refused Medical help after being returned to a Hospital ER shortly after a Spinal Tap. I could not feel my limb but I was refused medical help and was yelled at by the doctor refusing help I need psychiatric help. This less than 4 hours after a spinal tap. I was then left photo-phobic with an inflamed body and brain in a drowsy state with an infection that had been confirmed by a CT of my head prior to the spinal tap. My real condition of the timing of my stiff neck,chest tightness,stiff legs, confused state back dated on my medical records to have started 4 weeks earlier instead of 2 hours earlier. Serious mistakes made resulting in 3 ER visits where I had a high temp,hr,bp and complaints of red spots in my groin that turned purple and spread. Not only was I refused medical help shortly after a spinal tap the condition I was left in was immediately deemed a psychiatric problem. As a way to further cover this up I have been denied necessary tests to assess the damage. Blacklisted

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