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Readers Respond: About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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Updated April 16, 2009

Have you been denied medical care from a doctor? Did you know why, and were you able to repair the relationship? Or did you have to move on to find another doctor? Please share your story with others to help them understand what behaviors to avoid. Share Your Experience

Heartbreaking Stories

These stories are heartbreaking. I have personally had too many bad doctor experiences to tell, but just want to say, Jesus is the great Physician. Thank the Lord He makes housecalls! To doctors and nurses who commented here--you can take your biased two cents elsewhere--to a site called "We abuse and mistreat patients and laugh all the way to the bank" This is for people denied medical care. Doctors will answer to God for this cruelty.
—Guest Faye Lynn


i called a clinic in my small town and gave my name to get an appointment and was told iwas not allowed in ther office i asked why and the nurse said the doctor had a note do not see and asked to see manger and asked why and she said we did not have to tell me i tlod her that was bs and she hung up on me
—Guest cindy cook


Not only if you complain but when I started alerting new patients as to my experiences, with my records, etc. I got stalked. Then when I complained about that stopped and he got a group of people to stalk me.
—Guest bariatrichelp

Dismissed, mocked, neglected, rationed.

This has happened to me many times and I believe it is usually discrimination against mentally ill people. The primary care doctors do not want to be keeping alive those who are a drain on society. I am 60 years old now, in bad health, but have no diagnoses because the doctor only wants to mock me and laugh at me instead of ordering tests. Have gone through this same exact scenario many times. Its called blacklisting, even though you aren't on a list. I have had my appointment cancelled once by a psychiatrist before I even had the chance to see him at all. They have become my tormentors instead of my healers. I am nice, respectful at all times.
—Guest Casey


I Have been denied meds for severe pain, panic disorder and other issues that make my life a Nightmare! I suffer from depression and will probably wind up ending the problems myself! You cant expect people to live like this because of Corrupt uncaring devils!
—Guest Elizabeth nicholson


I was dismissed by my psychiatrist, or I should say his staff due to the fact I was 17 minutes late and I had missed 2 appointments 2 years ago. The receptionist was not only rude, but kept on screaming to me in front of everyone in the waiting room. I found very unfair that I was dismissed, since he had been my psychiatrist for 14 years. I called several times, either they didn't answer my call because the saw the ID number, or refused to give him my messages. I said I was going to report him, although I feel he really isn't aware of what had happened and don't want to do that to him, since he was always great to me. Meanwhile, I have no meds, I still have about a month before I get seeing by a new doctor and hate it. I have been looking for forms to file a complaint but have not been able to find one yet. I would like to hear some advise on how I should handle this. Thank you

dismissed by pcp

been going to pcp for almost two years. first doctor, decided didn't need to see me anymore after 5 m onths of treating for diabetes and high blood pressure, no explanation given. many complaints filed by me with no response until 8 months later when they assigned me to new doctor. always told test results were normal, a1c excellent. then care team went on mychart which allows acccess to patients. found out from day one had anemia, chornic kidney disease stage 3 and high cholesterol. never mentioned to me or treatment plan offered. i asked in writing why i was never told any of this in almost two years. doctor refused to address issues. after a m onth of trying to get information and answers, was told i would be seeing new doctor at next visit. new docotr, was director of clinic who made it abundantly clear i was not welcom at his clinic again. when i asked why i was told, you researach verything, ask too many questions and never do what are told. only refused colomoscopy
—Guest mc

Denied medical care

I was locked in the laporte county jail while I was in there for bout a week I developed a nasty bump on the back of my calf muscle, I immediately alerted medical the began treatment for a fungas, I was prescribed foot fungas cream. Initially this seemed to work but after a day or two the symptoms came back with a vengeance spreading fierce my legs, itching and burning without mercy. I immediately alerted medical explaining that things had got worse. I then was prescribed hydrocortisone cream, this was the same as the fungas cream, didn't work and my presumed rash spreading uncontrolled. I again alerted medical and asked if scabies could be the culprit, doctor said no scabies just a rash, skin fungas or germ then I was presribed prednisone. I suffered with this for almost two months before I was released to the county work release. Upon my arrival I explained my uncured situation and was silenced by threats of getting sent back to jail. I was denied medical treatment, several attempts
—Guest Tony crabb

Doctor & Staff Allowed any behavior

I am absolutely appalled how I was recently treated. i have had same ob gyn for about 10 years without any incident. Well this year I start hemorrhaging and it has been absolute nightmare. i have been in and out of hospitals and finally had endometrial ablation, which apparently doctor said did not completely take effect. Now doctor's staff harrasses me saying I have no insurance. it just took a while to process. They called my home threatening to cancel my latest appointment unless I give them a payment immediately by phone. Then coded my information incorrectly as non emergency and almost left me with $8700 ER bill which I had to appeal and won. It has been so humiliating and depressing without as much as a sorry from them. I had to wait last visit after calling saying slightly late due to severe bleeding to be told may not see me. Then realized they were making me wait while ate lunch. Latest thing is nasty letter firing me as being "abusive" patient. A sad time to be a patient

My doc fired me and my wife

Last yr, I had a increase in which blood cell count. my doc referred me to a hemathologist. A few days later, I received a invitation from a Cancer Treatment center. (I was not aware that the hemathologist was part of that center, and started freaking out. thinking I had cancer...) my wife called doc and said that that was very inapropriate. 2 weeks later, we got a letter, that both myself and my wife were denied as patients, and that we should find another doctor.

mja health care

I am 9 weeks post op of a rare deasease called epidural lipomatosis.The problem was it went against the contract?I have haa many many cortisone shots.I was allowed to come in and get my prescription medication.And was cut off cold turkey.Withdrawels kicked in.The doctor told me to go back to arizona from pa to get my meds.Yikes!Hopefully I will find another place or I will just go back to arazonia where they treat people with total respect.
—Guest keith


Had a lung infection, went to urgent care and was denied seeing the doctor because my primary is medicare, secondary is tri-care for life.

I feel as if i've been blacklisted

I was attending pain management and because they couldn't get in touch with me by phone to do a pill count,i can never go back but,they left no message and i didn't know they called!Now everywhere i go i'm having a problem!
—Guest Lisa McCullough

get you first

I was yelled at by a gynocologist who stood threateningly over me screaming so loud everyone in the waiting room was looking at the door as he walked out. All because I said that I was there for menopause and not a papsmear. About 2 months later, I got a dismissal letter from my Primary, who had referred me, stating that she woulnd not have her colleagues mistrated by me and my disruptive behavior. I was in disbelief and realized HE must have know I had considered filking a complaint against him and his behavior.
—Guest Lola

Left it pain without doctors

I have Medicaid due to my inability to work. I have had 5 surgeries to repair my very damaged spinal cord from an auto accident. I have a primary doctor who will not prescribe me pain medications and have no access under my health plan to any pain management doctors within 20 miles of my home. So I am left unmediated and twisting in pain every day. I have children at home who need me so I can't take the easy way out. I could never have imagined the health care system is so poor. I have always been healthy and it has been 3 years and 5 surgeries since my accident and I am left to commit felonies in order to have access to pain meds because my primary care physician is more worried about the crackdown on scripts then my health. They give me referrals to doctor after doctor who are no longer in practice. Not actually verifying the doctor is still accepting the insurance. This has been going on since October of last year. Only the addicts and drug dealers seem to have access to pain meds.
—Guest Bill J

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About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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