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Readers Respond: About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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Updated April 16, 2009

Have you been denied medical care from a doctor? Did you know why, and were you able to repair the relationship? Or did you have to move on to find another doctor? Please share your story with others to help them understand what behaviors to avoid. Share Your Experience

My doc fired me and my wife

Last yr, I had a increase in which blood cell count. my doc referred me to a hemathologist. A few days later, I received a invitation from a Cancer Treatment center. (I was not aware that the hemathologist was part of that center, and started freaking out. thinking I had cancer...) my wife called doc and said that that was very inapropriate. 2 weeks later, we got a letter, that both myself and my wife were denied as patients, and that we should find another doctor.

mja health care

I am 9 weeks post op of a rare deasease called epidural lipomatosis.The problem was it went against the contract?I have haa many many cortisone shots.I was allowed to come in and get my prescription medication.And was cut off cold turkey.Withdrawels kicked in.The doctor told me to go back to arizona from pa to get my meds.Yikes!Hopefully I will find another place or I will just go back to arazonia where they treat people with total respect.
—Guest keith


Had a lung infection, went to urgent care and was denied seeing the doctor because my primary is medicare, secondary is tri-care for life.

I feel as if i've been blacklisted

I was attending pain management and because they couldn't get in touch with me by phone to do a pill count,i can never go back but,they left no message and i didn't know they called!Now everywhere i go i'm having a problem!
—Guest Lisa McCullough

get you first

I was yelled at by a gynocologist who stood threateningly over me screaming so loud everyone in the waiting room was looking at the door as he walked out. All because I said that I was there for menopause and not a papsmear. About 2 months later, I got a dismissal letter from my Primary, who had referred me, stating that she woulnd not have her colleagues mistrated by me and my disruptive behavior. I was in disbelief and realized HE must have know I had considered filking a complaint against him and his behavior.
—Guest Lola

Left it pain without doctors

I have Medicaid due to my inability to work. I have had 5 surgeries to repair my very damaged spinal cord from an auto accident. I have a primary doctor who will not prescribe me pain medications and have no access under my health plan to any pain management doctors within 20 miles of my home. So I am left unmediated and twisting in pain every day. I have children at home who need me so I can't take the easy way out. I could never have imagined the health care system is so poor. I have always been healthy and it has been 3 years and 5 surgeries since my accident and I am left to commit felonies in order to have access to pain meds because my primary care physician is more worried about the crackdown on scripts then my health. They give me referrals to doctor after doctor who are no longer in practice. Not actually verifying the doctor is still accepting the insurance. This has been going on since October of last year. Only the addicts and drug dealers seem to have access to pain meds.
—Guest Bill J

Denied care due to transferred records

Called dr after er visit to get meds for bad fall. Opening at 3pm with diff doc (mine was out). Office staff called back said they transferred my medical records and it's policy not to see a patient when this is done. No I could not get in to see current dr. I was in severe pain the whole weekend, even the er would not see me even though office staff said they would. This is not just a problem for baby boomers, I'm in my 30's. Refusal of care needs to be fixed, it shouldn't even be a statement in the English language.
—Guest Courtney

Physical therapy denial

I have dealt with Resurgeons for years, several surgeries and a ton of PT. Today I show up for a PT appointment, as prescribed by my physician, and I just happen to mention that I have always had Tri-Care as a secondary, I had just never used it nor had I any intention of using it because I have a dependable primary insurance provider. They immediately informed me that they would not provide me with care because of the fact that I happened to have tri-care! So of course I asked why, as it would never come into play. The girls at the desk said they really did not know why, just that they had to deny care to anyone that happened to have Tri-Care. Now here is the interesting thing, this, denial of service only applies to their Physical therapy department, resurgeons physicians will still see me. But really do I want to deal with a company that denies people care because they happen to have the insurance the government provides to all disabled veterans?
—Guest WONeal

Do not complain

I loved my doc but her staff always bungled my records, lost my phone messages, gave me the wrong answers, and had mistakes on my billing. Since I have several different medical issues of late, I was in contact with them a lot recently and it became like a joke that whatever the staff did they messed it up (ultimately costing me more co-pays for visits I didn't need to make). At my 5th trip to my pharmacist in a week, we were talking about all the times I had been there and had to go back, etc. and I said I love my Doctor but her staff is incompetent. Three days later I got a registered letter saying they are terminating our relationship because they are unable to meet my standards.
—Guest Kat

wilson, nc

went to the ER. told the dr I didnt have insurance and didn't need an xray. he refused treatment. asked him if he had insurance and he told me he had all sorts of insurance. then told me to go to a neighboring hospital because I had a bad attitude. I was treated like a criminal not worth their time.
—Guest stef

Denied Care After ER Referral

I was seen in the ER three times in one week, for Thunderclap headaches, which is a sign of aneurysm. The third time I had one, I went to a different hospital with a severe headache. They treated me like a drug seeker and sent he home with a terrible headache! They referred me to a neurologist to be seen in 2-3 days. After calling the office several times, they finally called me a month and a half later! They said they couldn't see me! I am shocked and appalled!! ER Referral and the doctor won't see me! WOW!!! I am still scared that there is something very wrong. I had to look for a different doctor. I was supposed to be seen in 2-3 days! I have had non stop headaches since!! What happened to the 'hypocritical' oath? That's what it is these days! Hypocritical! They only care about money! And I have excellent insurance! I just want to know what's wrong!
—Guest Christine McK

denied spinal disc care

I was denied care for a disc that is pressing on the vagus nerve. No ability to eat and it's affecting all the organs. No explanations except for asking for my birth date and then refusing me remedial treatment. What can I do about the descrimination?

Blacklisted Today

Urgent Care, Emergency, and the Personal Care Physician all misdiagnosed my neck, head, and gastrointestinal pain. One symptom I had was chronic body odor. I mentioned that BO was a symptom of Candida. He laughed. He said BO is bacterial on the outside. I requested antibiotics. Twice. Pain get worse. Now learned that Candida is fungal. My Dr. HAD to KNOW that and gave them to me! The worst thing for fungal infections. I think the infection is in the mastoid bones hence the severe neck and head pain. I called to try to see another doctor today... she began taking lots personal info when I interrupted & asked if they had any openings before I give all this info? She said it depends on what meds you're taking. I am not taking any. She called back in 5 minutes and said we wont be able to see you for many months. You need to get a different Dr. When I asked to be transferred to Dr. xxx, she said I am not able to transfer your call at this time. BLACKLISTED.
—Guest Guest

Denied care due to pregnancy

I told my pain management doctor I'm pregnant, ad she refused to write anymore prescriptions for me. The problem is I been o narcotic medicatin for a year, and she will not taper me off. I'm scared I wil go through withdrawal while pregnant. I'm scared to lose the baby.
—Guest Reykrs

genocide in richmond va

The Richmond Editorial page forment rage against bsby boomer and hss incited local dr to denie care. Just ignore complaints and refer, refer snd refer, to a dr who will Not provide care... it called denisl of care and services. It it endemic here in Richmong. I have proof by recordings made.
—Guest robert fallin

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