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Financial Stress

Readers Respond: About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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Updated April 16, 2009

Denied care over 50 dollars

I was having heart problems and denied care by my Dr. I ended up n the emergency room instead. Just two weeks earlier the Dr. had sent me to the ER via Ambulance for a heart attack...
—Guest Jason

Avoided Blackball

When I was in Massachusetts, a psychiatrist tried to blackball me and my wife. What he didn't know is we had already lined up the chief of cardiology, and the chief of pathology, who was our neighbor, to back us over the headshrinker.

Ear infections ARE IMPORTANT

I went to the hospital ER with an ear infection, they said they don't treat ear infections, billed me for it and sent me home with nothing. After several attempts to find a DR. (with no insurance) a year later I am now DEAF in that ear. legally deaf

Fired by doctors twice

In other state I was fired for being angry when they failed to report an adverse finding on my blood lab work report. So we moved to FL where we thought there would be plenty of doctors because of the large number of senior citizens. After two years of an excellent relationshp with a doctor just starting her own practice, I caught her in two serious billing code mistakes (she does her own coding) which cost me $500 out of my pocket. Then I caught her making three mistakes in interpreting a new state statute. I tried to be as diplomatic as I could be. Evidently this did not work. She is one of those doctors who do not like patients who do their own research and prefers them to be compliant and intimidated. She was overwhelmed by it all, and I tried to be sympathetic and helpful. Lesson learned...do not ask doctor questions. Do not point out errors. Do not let them know you did research. Patients may be seen but not heard.

Wife Dropped by Psychiatrist

My wife was seeing a psychiatrist for over 3 years, when she needed to be admitted to the hospital. While she was in the hospital in major crisis, she told the attending dr. that she was no longer welcome back to her practice. The BS story was that my wife was too sick for this Dr. to care for her in her solo practice. I feel this doctor was very lazy and didn't want to be bothered with a med change after hospitlization.
—Guest SSR

Dismissed during first trimester of preg

I was dismissed from my ob because my dr didnt like my husband i even offered to not bring him with me to appointments any longer but they still wouldnt let me come back and because of this i have missed the window of opportunity to have the screening done to check for genetic defects in my baby due to my age i think it was wrong and very unprofessional and proves they dont care about thier patients well being at all
—Guest kbell

What can I do

How does I get off a doctors blacklist? This year has been a living hell for me. I was on pain management for 2 years and had a primary doctor for 5 years with no problems. On 1/31/10, I were at my wifes father's house where my step-son was staying at the time. It's a long story about my step-son's issues which ended him in jail at 16 y.o. and us taking him to my father-in-law's house to get him away from the crowd he was hanging around with. My step-son and I have never really got along even though I have raised him since he was 6. Anyway, on this particular day, a piece of pecan pie was saved for me. After it was eaten, I started feeling pains in my back. I felt like I was drugged. I could not sleep that night and went into convulsions while everyone else slept. I had no appetite for days. next thing I know, I am waking up in ICU for an overdose. I had no idea. Well, my doctors dismissed me for that and I have not been able to get a doctor to treat me since.

Re: Rejecting Patients

But whatever info the dr. had received should have been brought up to us so we had the right to fight it. instead they just send a letter telling us he was going to other drs for medications and he wasnt. the only other doctors he was seeing was the ones this dr. referred him to. there was no excuse for it.

husband was rejected by dr

we stopped going to a previous dr because all he wanted to do was push pills at him. so we got a new dr who was amazing answered all our questions, explained lab results, etc. we didnt mind waiting 2 hrs or more for appt due to this. then they send him a letter saying that they came across info that he was seeing other medical people to get more drugs. the only drs he was seeing was who he referred him to. he had been to er due to vomiting and when he was released on the paper it said drug withdrawel because he hadnt been able to get to pain clinic for refills and his pain dr said that was only because they couldnt find out the problem. do we have right to request his file to find out?

I was let go as a patient for crying

My mother had just died, I was in extreme pain, frustrated and feeling hopeless with getting relief from the pain, I began crying in my doctors office. Next thing I know I was dismissed as a patient from a Rheumatologist I saw for 15+ years via certified mail and she would not even show me enough respect to talk to me on the phone or in person. She has not even given me the results of an MRI she ordered. I thought we had a better relationship. She has betrayed me, humiliated me, and left me stranded for medical care.
—Guest cathy s

getting accepted

I have been trying to get a doctor closer to me since moving to another state. The doctors want your last 6 months of doctors visits and MRI reports. The doctor looked at the papers never seeing a health history which is very unusual and refused to accept me as a patient. He didn't like the medications I took. These doctors are out of control, they charge whatever they want. Their billing people make mistakes and then you have to prove that you paid already. They double bill your insurance then you have your insurance company on your back. I would love to find a lawyer to do a class action suit against these doctors for poor care. The highest malpractice cases are for improperly treating pain. Your pets get treated better for pain. I have been to many pain seminars and people do not get addicted to pain medications. You can become dependent which is different. If you are really using a pain medication for pain, you do not become addicted. These seminars were taught by MD's.

There is a blacklist....

I have seen the patient blacklist, before it went private. Doctor's were using a public blog and typing things like "similar to Sondra" and then spelled the patients last name correctly, gave patients DOB, area in which they live and then said unprofessional things about these patients. From what I hear, the patient blacklist has it's own private website now. Doctors use codes, like PITA (pain in the a$$) to notify doctors that the certain patient is indeed on the blacklist, where doctors can go to see exactly why patients are on the blacklist. I agree that it's unprofessional, but there seems to be a rather unspoken dislike between chronic pain patients and doctors. It goes both ways----chronic pain patients dislike doctors, because they're treated poorly and feel judged and misunderstood. Doctors usually do judge patients who are taking pain medications, because most of them take way more pain meds than needed and they truly do. It's called withdrawal syndrome--look it up.

Denied Care for Bankruptcy

My wife took my son to his family doctor who we have no past bill with but the other day the denied my son medical attention. When my wife asked why they said because we filled bankruptcy. We have insurance that I pay out of my check for work..are they allowed to deny my son medical rights?
—Guest jason

Doctor refuses to treat pregnant patient

I am 23 weeks pregnant today and I received a letter dismissing me from the practice. My last visit was 2 1/2 weeks ago and I refused to have an antibody checked that the high risk doctor told me the day before was not necessary.
—Guest Chris

ADA Violations

All the doctors near me require records before a person is 'approved' to be a patient. It sounds like the entire U.S. now works this way. Several practices told me on the phone that they do not accept patients on pain medications, because they might be a drug addict. Apparently addiction is no longer a medical disease but simply a moral failing that doesn't deserve treatment. Refusing to treat patients with chronic pain is clearly a violation of the 'Americans with Disabilities Act' - the law contains language specific to physicians, but it is only enforced by private lawsuits. I am hoping that someday a smart lawyer will go after these doctors and clean up the industry.
—Guest Joe Hill

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