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Readers Respond: About Being Rejected by a Doctor or Denied Medical Care

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Updated April 16, 2009

7.00 Denied me Preventative OBGYN Care

Unbelievable! I have been a patient of this office since 1994. Was turned away for 7.00. I just happen to leave my wallet at home. It was never even mentioned when I made my appointment.
—Guest YP

New patient criteria??

Upon moving to a new part of the country, I was injured on my job by a co-worker. I had been treated by the workers comp doctor. After being jerked around by work and their doctors I was released from workers comp and told I had to deal with my own physicians. Now every doctor's office I call to ask if they are accepting new patients has criteria I must meet before I can be a patient. The first question they ask is "what meds are you taking?", when I tell them currently none (that's why I'm seeking a doctor-duh) they say if I need ANY kind of pain management they don't issue those kinds of meds nor do they refer their patients for pain management. How am I ever suppose to get treatment if they all refuse to see me and even assess my condition? And if I withhold my condition, they could refuse to treat me once I get into their office and that would be even more frustrating. When did doctors start interviewing patients before seeing them? Are they suppose to treat well ppl or the ill?
—Guest E. Ryan

Head Games

Things were fine with my medication taper & a new first year resident. About 6 months into his training though he delivered an ultimatum that the taper be completed in a week. Not medically possible - sheer negligence. Colleagues mediated the case while under stress I stopped eating. A specialist consulted. Resident admitted error & apologized. Now, months later, Dr. Duplicity says he doesn't want to fire me but is doing everything possible to do just that. It's called abandonment & legally a Dr. may not withhold medication, must ensure you get transferred to someone who will provide the same exact care, can't dismiss you for failure to pay bills. This doctor even pushed me to sign a urine drug test contract on the spot w/o reading it. Language basically said that any positive result would result in dismissal. I'm not even on pain medication & you call visually tell the paragraph was a hasty amendment to original. Best guess? My resident is being pushed by higher ups over P4P scores.
—Guest Wrongful Death Waiting to Happen

denied medical care due to money

I have a large hernia and had a ct scan to show it - I just got a call for the surgeons office I was referred to. They say I have to pay $160.00 or the doctor won't see me. I have insurance - how can they deny me any kind of medical care. In my opinion this violates the "first do no harm" part of the oath they take as physicians. Telling me I can't get care because of money puts me in a position of having to wait until I have the money at all one time - which won't happen soon - with a condition that could become life threatening. I am telling friends/family to sue them if this happens.
—Guest JeanneS

Fractured Ankle Leads to HIPAA Violation

In 2005 I had fractured my ankle and needed a note for my employer to get accommodations for a seat. My doctor provided the note but added to contact her for further information. I politely informed her I had not given consent to speak with my employer! She reported me on her violation of HIPPA to the top and got me kicked out of Kelsey!!! So I never filed a lawsuit but could have!!!
—Guest Anonymous in humble texas


In a nutshell....My granddaughter was refused medical attention because her mom has insisted to the Dr that he cannot talk to the dad. The dad has her half the year. So we had to take her to the ER and they almost didnt see her
—Guest barbara tucker

rejected and denied by 2 dr's

In August of 2012, I contracted a deadly infection called staphollococcus aureus. I didn't know this is what was wrong until 4 weeks of being extremely ill. Initially, I went to a family dr. who diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and skitzophrenia. This diagnosis was made when my left ear was 3 x's the normal size and my face, legs and stomach had lesions all over them. I had turned jaundice and gray but it didn't seem to matter. A few days later, I went to the e.r. and I told them i wanted a culture but to give me a shot directly in the ear because my pain was excrutiating. I was denied both requests and then kicked out because I wanted treatment. A few days later, I saw an internal specialist who wouldn't touch me and denied a culture. On the 4th week, 30 lbs. lighter, I went to the lab at the hospital got blood drawn, demanded a dr come do a culture where i found out my life was in danger. STILL...no hospital stay. only medicated with 90,000 mgs of penicillin


I was referred to a pain mgmt dr after a diving accident w head&neck injury and years of headaches. He prescribed pain meds. I lived a couple of hours away, so when it was time for a refill, I called to have them mail me a prescription. After a week, no rx in the mail. So, I called up and asked again. They sent out an rx, and a few days later I received the original rx, which I immediately took to my PCP and had him keep in my file and notify the pain dr that I had filled the 2nd rx, and later received the 1st rx and had turned it in to him. The pain mgmt dr sent me a letter "dismissing me" as a patient, citing the reason being that I had requested a prescription for a medication 2x within too short of an amount of time. I called to explain, and have them talk to my PCP's office, but they refused and said they would no longer see me. It was all about the money, and any problems it's cover their behind. They didn't care if I was hurting or if they were helping; just wanting no trouble.
—Guest mrsmac

Abonded by pain care doctor

I was abandoned from my pain care doc of 14 years because my son left a threatening message on his answering machine. I have not been able to find another doctor due to this abandonment, do all doctors now think I am somehow responsible for being severed from doctors care? The doctor who abandoned me is a well known doc in the Grand Rapids, area. I have chronic pain and cannot find a doctor who will provide care to me. Can anyone tell me where I should go, is there a power above these doctors that I could write to to explain my personal problem?
—Guest Jeanette M. Curie

Irrespoonsible,no compassion

What can I say most doctors now are just plain rejects, I mean they really don't have to have a reason to reject you. They sum you up soon after you walk though the door. I was having problems, I went to see my primary Doctor, he did listen I guess, he didn't give me a diagnosis, sent me to a cancer to run all sort of test including HIV test. I went but never got a response from my primary dr. I was still having problems so I went back to see them. When I got there they called me, put me on the scales, the nurse told me they received the test results, and asked me to go on back to the treatment room. The dr. wasn't long, he walked in and went to work on the computer for about five minutes. He looked up at me threw those big blue eyes on me and said I have pancreatitis. Sent me across the hall for another test and they sent me home. No medications was offered of given. No nothing, I never found out what my problem was. I having visist them since. It's hell now.
—Guest H.Harris

Doctor Will Not Diagnose

My doctors have not diagnosed me in 13 years. I feel ill and get exhausted, and have motor loss in both knees. (I can not get in and out of the tub, My muscles burn and get heavy and hard to move. I have abnormal tests and the doctors never told me. I found out when I purchased my records and brought them to the doctors for an explanation. 1-The EMG nerve test (of my toes) said "motor axon loss," and that I should have "proximal muscle testing, (of my legs)." The neurologist refused. 2-The Podiatry exam from years ago, said I have “ruptured tibial tendons,” and need surgery or braces. My feet are flat, and they hurt. The PT said he “can not get involved 3-And my test from a local clinic said I have “intrinsic muscle atrophy.” I was referred back to the hospital, but my PCP ignored the referral. I believe I have MS or Lyme disease, and my doctors refuse to test me. What can I do? Why don't doctors have to do their jobs? How can patients help each other?
—Guest JeanneUndiagnosed

Surgery and Infections

I had a surgery procedure done In Summerville S.c. Ever since surgery I was left in the dark. I have gotten two Infection. and can barley move my ankle and it is still swollen, throbbing, sore, stinging, tingling. and it don't matter if I pay out pocket. Problem since day one of surgery and you know what God don't like ugly so karma will come back to kick them in the ass. they have canceled multiple appointments to . I been on three different antibiotic with in year and several medication they try to put me on and are on.
—Guest Iwillget2thebottom

Birth control

I was denied birth control pills that I use for acne only because I didn't want to have a pap smear. I didn't want to risk on having a false positive and having my cervix cut up for no reason. I do plan on having children in the future. I don't see why I can't get medicine I use for acne because I declined a cancer screening test that I didn't want. No health organization says a pap smear is needed to use birth control pills. It seems to me doctors just make more money doing random tests and hurting people and causing problems so that's what they do.
—Guest Ex patient

Fired for being an empowered patient

My husband & I were fired by our primary care Dr yesterday. We had been with her for a little over a year, as our previous Dr retired and we were "assigned" to her. We have always tried to be respectful & honest with her. She, on the other hand, seemed to only see us as numbers on our lab reports...or, at least, that's how we were treated. Like numbers, not people. She habitually pushed medications at us, sometimes making changes to our meds (diabetic) as frequently as every 2 weeks. This was done without discussion, but rather with an attitude of "I'm the Dr and I said so." She recently tried to put my husband on a med that our prevous Dr had taken him off of due to the discovery of a high cancer risk. When he declined the med & explained to her why, she clearly didn't care. At our last visit she was confrontational & combative, made several ultimatums, & told us we had "30 days to find another doctor." Can't think of what we did wrong, & am feeling scared, lost & confused :(
—Guest Lost in HP

Denied Care Because of Lack of INSURANCE

My sister is a recent stroke victim, her right side paralyzed now but she is awake from the coma. She now has bronchial infection and diarhreah (i assume the diahreah is from antibiotics but unsure) and she has numerous blood clots in her brain which so far all I've read is that is life-threatening. The hospital has just informed the family that they will no longer give her care, because she has no insurance!! ANYONE WITH ADVICE OR RESOURCES PLEASE HELP WE LOVE OUR SISTER SHE'S A BEAUTIFUL SOUL she is the epitome of kind heartedness and compassion she takes care of anyone that needs help anytime never a selfish bone in her body SHE SHOULD NOT SUFFER THIS DISGRACEFUL COLD-HEARTED TREATMENT... PLEASE HELP US...
—Guest Maria

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