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Readers Respond: Please Share Your Infection Stories

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Updated April 04, 2011

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 101,000 Americans die from hospital acquired infections like MRSA, C. Diff or VRE each year. Have you or a loved one experienced an infection? How did you know you were infected? How did the hospital take care of you? Have you been able to recover? Please share your story to help others.

staph mrsa

hi my name is leah i got staph from the hospital i had an op and now i am suffering from staph its on my face and body i got it in 2012 and it has made my life hell i have scares and my teeth are yuk i have to live now with this all over me some days are bad where i can not go out side coz of my sores all over i carnt live with this no more its a horrible infection to live with
—Guest leah matthews


My Mother had total knee replacement surgery with in a week it started to bleed. Went to the Dr's office and was told it was a superfical hematoma this went on for 3 weeks, two Dr's appointments and one trip to the emergency room. She was sent home again a superficial hematoma. Finally her visiting nurse called an ambulance concerned about blood loss. Found a terrible infection that was in the bone. Another surgery and put on a picc line vancomycin she developed Steven's Johnson's sydrom witch was not diagnosed as the skin peeled off her hands. She went into acute renal failure, back to the hospital. In two days she developed Cdiff and several vancomycin resistant infections. She died two months after the orginal surgery on her death certificate cause of death was septicema. Lost my Mom over knee replacement.
—Guest sandy

Doctors need to Listen

My mother was recently diagonised with pancratic cancer in less than two had the Whipple surgery. In hospital for two weeks sent home. Five days later back to hospital by ambulance emrgency surgry remove drain tube, you have infection here some antibotics go home. Been seeing the surgen regularry complaining I hurt, I smell funny and am running a fever. There is nothing wrong in Jan saw her regular doctor who sent to the hospital for emergancy care for severe infection. In hospital six days sent her home w/ anitbotics, she is now back in hospital again so far five days and CDC has been brought in, she has a super bug. Now she cannot have Chemo or Radation because window has passed, why didn't her doctor listen to her and why is it just now being treated now? Something is wrong when you go from end of Oct to end of March before you actually start getting a real treatment for your infection. So Sad!!!!!:-(
—Guest cv

Acquired Staff Four Days After Surgery

I had surgery on the back of my ankle for a cyst after which they bandaged me and told me not to remove the cast for two weeks. Four days later, I was in extreme pain and told my wife. We removed the dressing and the smell was horrific. Called doctor and was told to go to ER asap. Waited 3 hrs in ER, told I had an infection and almost lost my foot. Now they want to bill me for that 3 day stay. Fighting it, any suggestions from someone who went thru the same thing???
—Guest Tony Richard

Infected, my concerns were overlooked

I had ankle surgery in feb 2009, two weeks later my stitches were removed and i was told a cast would be applied. I told drs that i was concerned about casting, they did it anyway. 10 days after i was in ER and having emergency surgery due to severe staph infection. I had to have hardware removed and a picc line put in and iv antibiotics for almost 6 months. Do i have a right to sue the Dr or is it an acceptable risk to the surgery?
—Guest Susan

back surgery

January 2011 L 2/3 & L 4/5 back surgery. Acquired CDIF infection. Had infection in hospital that was originally diagnosed as bladder infection from cathiter. Had 4 re-occurrences of CDIF. 1st diagnosed Feb 2011 with CDIF - last outbreak took Vancomycin from July 2011 thru Sept 2011. The antibiotics are almost as bad as the infection. Have not had any more occurrences. The hospital &/or re-hab center have not done anything. Altho to be fair my insurance covered their expenses but I had to pay out of pocket over $4000.00 for Vancomycin and other expenses totaled over $10,000.00. I also lost my job. Found out in Nov 2011 that have to have another back surgery - a spinal fusion - because the laminectomy didn't work! There has to be something done about the cost of the antibiotics and should not be sent home with an infection.
—Guest kaye

Hospital staph virus

My wife under went chemo and while she was neutropenic she contracted a hospital borne virus. She died a week later . Now I'm left with 4 children to raise alone can I sue the hospital?
—Guest Eddie medina



Received Urinary Tract Infection from MD

A few weeks ago I went to the doctor's office for a Cystourethroscopy. The procedure was painful enough, but then a couple days later the pain that I thought was residual from the procedure began to get worse. Whenever I would urinate, it burned. Come to find out that I had developed a urinary tract infection. Once the infection was diagnosed (by the same Dr's office), I was placed on antibiotics and the infection was cleared up. Now I am being asked to pay for the Dr visit and lab work involved with diagnosing and healing the infection. Since the infection was caused by their procedure, it seems unfair that I should be charged for the visit it took to clear it up. Am I wrong to think that these charges should be reversed?
—Guest Thom

My best friends dead because of careless

Doctors in LV Nevada were anything but sanitary. She had emergency open heart they said she wouldn't live through surgery. Well she did no thanks to them less than two years later she was dead. Knowing all that I do know that I'm older I'm gonna go after these bastards. I'm 21 this was over 13 years ago but believe you me justice will be served. >:(
—Guest Grandkid

what can i do?

my mother went into the hospital 2 weeks ago because of water rentention, they had to flush out some of the fluids in her stomach. a few days after she gets released from the hospital she started feeling nauseous and had a hard time breathing. last night she started vomiting dark liquid with coffee ground like substances. now shes in another hospital vomiting constantly, weak as anything, an wearing a diaper. the doctor who examined her said she has an infection from when she was in the hospital previously. can i sue that hospital?
—Guest really mad

Where is it?

In 11-'10 I was told I was diagnosed with MRSA when I'd been admitted with pneumonia in 4-'10, but nobody knows where the MRSA is. One Dr. pooh-poohs it, but when I go in to ER or hospital, I'm put in isolation & everyone gowns & gloves before entering the room, even if contact will not be made. I worked in healthcare & am filing for disability (chronic progressive pancreatitis) & my employer let me go rather than extend medical leave & Social Security says I can just go get a different kind of job. What kind of job is that? Not in healthcare if I'm honest with employers, and if I'm honest with other employers? The CDC doesn't extend the healthcare setting precautions (isolation, gowns & gloves) to 'regular' workplaces. How potentially dangerous is that? How can I pooh-pooh the MRSA or ask an employer to when ER & hospital put me in isolation & gown + glove before being around me? Maybe others can say, "I know where my MRSA is", but I can't. I may as well change my name to Pariah Carey
—Guest Lorri G.

Infected with MRSA by my boyfriend :(

I have had MRSA for 3 years now. My boyfriend was a carrier and neglected to tell me. (jerk) Now it seems I have given to my five year old son. I am shocked by the lack of knowledge, concern or even care we have received from doctors. I have an appointment to see an infectious disease doctor in 2 weeks but am pretty skeptical as to whether he can help us or not. I have had to have 3 surgeries to treat my MRSA. One surgery they had to leave a cton drain tube in me for 3 months to allow for proper healing. I have done a lot of research on the topic and am convinced that diet and changing our bodies pH will help to control this. I have ordered a product: phenomenal to try in an attempt to make my body more alkaline. I really hope this works as I feel horrible for my lil mancub. I will let everyone know if I find any relief from this...
—Guest Andrea

I am the prisoner of superbugs

I'm Kirsten and I am living in the Netherlands. Last Septembre, 2010, we heard from my specialists that I am very ill. I have Klebsiella Pneumoniae (CRKP), and Mrsa. I am dying of it. These both bacteria, superbugs, literally are eating me alive. It first started from the inside out, now it's also from the outside in. My whole body is infected. doctors are lying to us: "It's not contagious" "It's just like a flu" "You don't have to worry about anything, it will heal by itself" HELLOOOOO!!!! My boyfriend has it now too!! Lies!! They are murderers with pre knowledge. They know that I am dying, and my friend too. No help for us at all. We just have to wait till death comes for us. A painful death. Find everything at: htt://hetfamiliekabinet.nl (English & photo's). I wrote to 63 specialists, professors and laboratory around the globe. Three letters came back: "Sorry, we can't help you." Now they've found microscopic worms eating me also, in- and outside. It's going fast now. Thanks!

untreated hospital yeast infection

My mom was given a hospital skin yeast infection in 2010 after a minor surgery that she had. The infection may have been given to her on purpose. I am trying to figure out why. Maybe it had something to do with an insurance scam or maybe they had her in a case study or maybe just pure neglect, not sure. If that was the case the hospital should have been closed until they figured out what the problem was.The infection would have been so easy to cure. Yet the medical staff just bandaged it and acted like they did not know what was wrong as it continued to spread. She was finally given the meds that she needed when she was in a coma from a drug overdose of psychosomatic drugs. They pass these drugs out like candy in many hospitals to make the staff comfortable. The family is told it makes the patients comfortable.They do this no matter how dangerous these deadly drugs are. After all the medical staff is what matters not the patients this is what I found out.
—Guest family of a patient

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