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Updated April 04, 2011

Infection TKR

I had surgery for total knee replacement, in March 2012. After surgery was feeling very ill but left the hospital after five days. I could not figure out why feeling bad but the long story was told to bend my knee. Now, fast forward to six week check up brought this up to my doctor and it went on "death ears" because he told me to keep bending my knee. In that visit asked "Do I have an Infection or a blood cloth" no response from him except to bend knee, in addition told him was loosing weight the response," drink some ensure" and he departed to the next patient. I did have a knee manipulation and there he decides to do a culture just in case, there they found had an infection. Well stayed in the hospital for that blunder and had a knee taken out replace with a cement spacer for almost five months, then revision knee surgery in October 2013. To this day, I still can not bend my knee. I am suffering an no one seems to care. I need a lawyer because lost my quality of life.


I got a staph infection from Baptist Health, NLR, AR in 2004 after left ankle surgery. Have been diagnoised with severe gastroparesis since then. Only digesting@ 23% in an hr vs. the normal 70% in first hr. The hospital wouldn't admit fault though...but I now for a fact that the woman in the OR just before me, died of a staph infection just 4 days after her minor carpal tunnel surgery. This is a fact proven cause her niece worked w/me & told me ALL of the details, but they still denied my possibilities of also being so sick. I could not lay down for over a month w/o throwing up. I had to sit up in a recliner. For the most part...that is where I sleep most of the time now...my reflux & gaastroparesis rarely let me lie down w/o getting sick.
—Guest DebE


In 2008 i survived a MRSA infection but just barely. After surgery for hysterectomy i had returned 3 days later with a fever of 104. i was throwing up and shaking profusly and screaming i wanted to die from having shaking so bad. after several catscans and days later it was found i had 10cm pool of blood in stomach that was a MRSA. it took several weeks and one nite i went for the worse and had a near death experience. after two weeks in hospital and max dose antibiotics and one additional month several antibiotics at home i did recover slowly. i heard my odds were less than 20 % and i realized how deadly and close i came to death.
—Guest Beatrice

C. Diff

Tracie: My heart goes out to you. My Dad passed Dec. 22, 2012 because of C. Diff. My brothers and I had to make the decision to take him off life support. He broke his hip, recovered from that, then went to Rehab. He was discharged home to my brother. My brother was told to stop and buy him Imodium, for diarrhea. He was home for a day and 911 was called. He was taken to the local hospital where he went down hill. The hospital in the state where he had rehab did not even test for C. Diff or send him back to the hospital. Everyone's attitude is he was old, it doesn't matter. My Dad was 80 and like yours in good shape, he walked his dog 4 miles a day or more. He drove all over. He had speech problems because of a slight stroke in 1985. On Dads Death Certificate it states C. Diff being cause of death. When the Dr. at his local hospital diagnosed what he had, it was too late. Again, I am so sorry that someone else is going through what I am still trying to come to terms with.
—Guest Judy

Intestinal and breast milk infection

I had my son via c-section, and after the c-section I got so sick with a bacterial infection in my breast milk called serratia,(a bacteria that can be deadly if left untreated; usually picked up by hospitals especially through catheters) causing illness and breast milk to turn hot pink!! Made my son sick when nursing he lost tons of weight and was a failure to thrive shortly after that I got an intestinal infection causing my stomach to bloat and swell as if I looked 8 months pregnant again! A lot of pain and risk of colon rupture!!
—Guest Karissa

Sophie .Nixon

I have been infected by a necrosis disease. Lot of pain the hospital says I have MND I did not pass a single test they threw at me. Very annoyed by this.
—Guest Sophiestry79

Dad Died from Cdiff

My dad died from a cdiff infection on March 10,2013. They said it spread to his blood and his organs shutdown. They removed his whole colon and he made it 8 days after the surgery. The hospital and doctors didn't say very much but said he was to weak to fight off the infection because of his age. He was in pretty good health for his age and his mind was perfect before he had the Cdiff. He went to the ER twice with complaints of back pain but they missed the Cdiff and it more time to spread before the finally found out what it was. Dad thought he needed some rehab because pain in back doctor sent him to a rehab and they found they infection there. Rehab sent him to hospital ASAP and he was dead 10 days later. I am so upset over the ER not finding the Cdiff he was there twice within 3 days but they didn't test for the Cdiff.
—Guest Tracie


My nephew is a yr old. when he was first circumsized he had caught infection and now it turned to MRSA .. My family and I need help! We have no idea where to turn.. Please Help!
—Guest Teresa

newborns uti leads to slight menengitis

My newborn premature twins were in the hospital learning to drink from a bottle and trying to get their wait up so we could take them home. Just when it was time to leave they both got uti's which led to a diagnosis of slight menengitis while under hospital care. They are now five years old can i sue the hospital at all?
—Guest kaenaha

recovering - need a lawyer

i got MRCA 3 years ago after a broken ankle surgury went wrong now they tell me there is still a piece of metal in the bone marrow and i dont know what to do. i want justice ive tried to sue them they put me in a county nursing home to die while the surgeon was unreachable on vacation in paris. ive tried to sue but couldnt take on the hospital. now i have to live with the metal in bone marrow eventually may lose my legs. any advice on lawyers that will take on my case? anyone else survive and still feel sick? ive been bedbound for the last two years sometimes i have good days where i can think clearly but have to go to neurologist and dr. every month as i am developing tremors and atropied muscles are not regrowing always exhausted and weak...is this common? any help will be grategully accepted recovering still not knowing what to expect next. thanks
—Guest ben wicks

Sepsis/MRSA infection from Grady Hospita

My husband had a severe brain injury from a flat tire in a vehicle. Came through the surgery of having his skull removed, tubes in his head to drain the blood and pressure, a tube in his lungs, and sedated for 3 weeks only to get sepsis from a bedsore and urinary tract . He was talking, moving and really doing well with what he had to endure before he got that infection. He ended up back in the ICU, he hasn't talked since, has no mobility with his legs or right arm. He is currently in the ICU now with MRSA from a feeding tube. Since he already had the bug in his body from Grady which they never told me how he really got it because they did not want to be blamed for it. They rushed him out of the hospital because of the liability, they were afraid he would die in their care. Because of that infection he will always carry that bug. The doctor said he would never walk or talk again for me to face reality!!!!! REALLY? They knew he had that infection and they hid the severity of it from me
—Guest Shirley

Hospital Acquired Infection

In Sept 2012 my Mother was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Tumor removed in October for biopsy, 2 Treatments of chemo, and she became very sick/system low/in pain while urinating after the initial removal. Entered same hospital on Dec 10th for bladder removal. Contracted VRE (unless the initial contraction happened in October?) that was not noticed until two weeks later following surgery. VRE has now morphed off into another strain of bacteria that is still attacking the incision and preventing healing. Mother is on available antobiotics, wound being dressed around the clock every six hours. Do we have a case here, should we have her transferred to a specific wound care/larger hospital?
—Guest Confused and Scared

They turned a blind eye

My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer in 09 & lung in 10. She had a resection in both cases & chemo. Both times she recovered well. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this past Oct., had a whipple on October 18, 2012 & after 11 days in the hospital (houston) came home. Couldn't keep food down (gastroparesis) & we ended up back at the hospital (Houston) for 5 days. They put a picc line in for nutrients & sent her to a rehab type facility closer to our home to recover. We complained & wanted picc out 3 wks after we got there & we were ignored. She got VRE & wasnt medicated properly with antibiotics until 5 days later & they still didn't remove picc until resp. arrest started & they sent her to ER. All the doctors tried saying she was ill from the cancer (that it spread) not sepsis. She died on December 20, in my home in my arms less than 2 wks after infection. She suffered horribly that last wk. If 1 person would've just done the right thing....but no one stood up.
—Guest Completely devastated

yes i have at least 3

I had my bladder removed 6 months ago now i can not get ride of these infections a few are normal infections but 3 others are caused from the hospital what do i do now?????i know one is mrsa and i know im spelling it wrong something aryus also i had blood spesis
—Guest cara

Step-father infected

My step-father had a knee replacement. One week later while at home the therapist thought that it was infected. He went back to the hospital and they said he had Staph. After several days on IV anti-biotics the Staph was gone. Now we are told he has a severe case of C-diff and his kidneys are failing. He is having emergency surgery tomorrow to try and pump anti-biotics into his colon. He is not well.
—Guest John

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