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Dhimmitude and the Healthcare Law

Submit an Entry: How Did you Confirm or Debunk a Scam or Bogus Email or Post?

By BarbaraS

Updated July 09, 2011

What information was suspect?

Dhimmitude, email supposedly confirmed by Snopes saying that the Health Care law would exclude Muslims from paying for or being included.

What made you think it might, or might not, be true?

First, the source, a person who has proven to be ignorant and bigotted.

Who shared it with you? A person you trust?

I don't trust this person; I just got on her mailing list.

How did you find it? Email forward? A blog? Facebook?

Email forward with a link to Snopes.

How did you figure out whether it was true or untrue?

A quick search and review of the results for dhimmiture. This email has been around for awhile.

What were the results?

The email was false. I think the originator of these emails searches through Snopes and grabs something that is designed to upset people and sends it on. All of them take a current subject and then add some sort of bigotted idea. I even have received quotes from legitimate sources which have been edited by the sender. In other words, changed to the sender's point of view and not the original author's, usually by the way, quite diffferent. These are desparate people who need to make up this stuff.


  • I have been deleting these emails. But this time I just replied to the sender that I had no respect for someone who lies to me. I hope that she takes me off her email list. But it may not happen because I have asked before. I have tried to block her email, but I have been having trouble doing so.

Trisha Torrey, About.com Patient Empowerment, says:

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