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Patient Empowerment: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Look Up Your Medical Procedure and Service...
Look up CPT codes for free to get answers about what codes relate to what medical procedures and services, and how much your doctor and hospital may have been paid for those services.
Find a Pill and Don't Know What It Is? Here's...
You may find a pill on the floor and not know what it is, or you may want to double check the tablets or capsules your pharmacist just gave you for your new prescription. Learn how to identify pills, tablets or capsules.
What Are Those CPT Codes You've Been Hearing...
CPT codes are developed by the American Medical Association and are used by doctors and other healthcare practitioners to describe, and bill for, medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures used on patients.
How You Can Get Copies of Your Medical Records
Savvy patients know that their medical records can help them make decisions about their healthcare. Federal and state laws spell out who may obtain which medical records, who must share them, how much it will cost to gain access to them, and the procedures for doing so. Here are the steps to take to get copies of your medical records.
Did You Know There Are Different Levels of...
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Is Buying Prescription Drugs Online Legal?
We're tempted to purchase drugs through the Internet, but we're not always sure about how the law regards those purchases. Is it legal to buy drugs on the Internet? Do you need a prescription? Here's the information you'll need to determine whether it's legal to purchase prescription drugs online.
How to Understand Medicare's HCPCS Codes
HCPCS codes, which stands for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System, are Medicare codes used by doctors and other healthcare practitioners to describe and bill medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures used on patients. Here is more background on HCPCS codes.
How to Make Sense of Those Confusing Medical...
Patients can use medical codes to learn more about their diagnosis, learn more about the services their practitioners have provided, or even to double check their billing from either their providers or their insurance or payer.
How to Find a Doctor's Medical Malpractice...
While it's easy to find plenty of information about doctors online, not all if it is the information we really need. Checking on a doctor's medical malpractice track record may produce the background information we need, or it may just muddy the doctor research waters.
How Americans Can Buy Drugs from Canadian and...
With Canada in such close proximity to the United States, many Americans wish to save money on the purchase of their drugs by buying them from Canada. But is it legal and safe? Here is what Americans need to know about buying drugs from Canadian pharmacies.
Why Does My Doctor Make Me Return to the Office...
Not all medical test results are problematic, yet sometimes doctors expect us to return to the office to get them. It seems like a waste of our time and effort, so why does your doctor make you return to the office to get your medical test results?
What Are ICD Codes Used For?
ICD codes are used to classify diagnoses and causes of death, too. Here is some background information about ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to help you understand what they are, the differences between them, and how they can affect your care.
Discount Prescription Drug Cards
Many of us can save money when we purchase our prescription drugs even if we don't have insurance. Understanding how prescription drug discounts work and whether we are eligible may reduce our cost for our prescriptions.
Look Up Your ICD-9 or ICD-10 Code or Match It...
ICD-9 or ICD-10 Codes, International Classification of Disease Codes, assign a number to any diagnosis assigned to a patient. There are a handful of uses for them, including an effect on the cost of care.
Where to Find CPT Codes
CPT Codes, Current Procedural Terminology Codes, are found throughout a patient's medical records. They relate to billing, and tracking them is a good way to track the cost of our care. Here's how and where to find CPT codes.
How to Change Doctors
For many reasons, patients may need, or wish to, make a change in their doctor or other health care providers. It's smart to make the change systematically so you won't create a problem.
What Does Shingles Feel Like? How Do You...
Even though the majority of shingles patients experience the rash and burning, there are other symptoms, too. From backaches to blindness, there can be symptoms that aren't reported in many places, but are important for patients to learn about. Here is one shingles experience, and an invitation to share your experience, too.
How to Research a Doctor's Credentials
There are two aspects to choosing the right doctor. One aspect is to find one you can partner with, one who fits your communication style. But a good communicator doesn't always have a successful track record. Learn how to research a doctor's credentials to be sure he or she has the competency to help you.
How to Safely and Legally Buy Drugs from Online...
Buying prescription drugs online - or any drugs online - can be easy, convenient and money-saving. Or it can be a nightmare, robbing you of your money and/or your health. Learn how to purchase your prescription drugs safely and legally from an online pharmacy.
How to Correct Errors in your Medical Records
From simple typos to major mistakes in the recording of medical test results or symptoms, errors are commonly found in patients' medical records. Smart patients know how important it is to make corrections to their records, and the procedure for making those corrections.
How to Get Your Medical Records if Your Doctor...
Sometimes doctors close their practices, or they retire or sell their practices, or even die, leaving their practice in new hands. If your doctor is no longer in practice, here is how to find, then get copies of your health or medical records.
11 Myths About HIPAA, Patients and Medical...
Patients may think their privacy is protected by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) or they may think HIPAA just gets in the way of their care. There are any number of assumptions patients make about HIPAA that just aren't true.
How to Become a Patient Advocate or Navigator
There are many types of patient advocates and many routes to becoming a patients advocate. The education, skills and experience needed vary according to the type of patients advocate one wants to be.
free prescriptions drugs, low cost prescription...
Check this master list of stores that offer free or low cost antibiotics, pre-natal vitamins, some diabetes drugs and hundreds of other generic drugs.
MRSA, C.Diff, VRE, CRE and Other Superbug...
MRSA, C.Diff, CRE (CRKP) and other superbug infections are acquired in hospitals and now in the community, too. Patients need to be aware of their origins and how to avoid them.
How to Buy Drugs from Foreign Pharmacies
Sometimes the best drug pricing can be found in other countries, including Canadian pharmacies, Mexican pharmacies, even online drug stores in other countries. But Americans must tackle these challenges - is it legal and safe to purchase drugs from foreign pharmacies?
When Is It Time to Call In Sick and Stay Home...
You feel lousy and want to stay home. But your big presentation is today, or you need the paycheck. Or one of your kids is sick, and you can't decide whether you should keep her home. Plus, maybe you feel guilty - like you should stay home with her. Should you go to work anyway, or is it time to call in sick?
How to Get Your Medical Test Results
Smart patients understand the importance of hearing back from the doctor about any medical tests, no matter what the medical test results. Here's now to get those results even when your provider doesn't provide them in a timely fashion.
Reviews of Physician Directories and Ratings...
Doctors ratings websites and directory websites are supposed to help us understand the quality of a doctor's skills and credentials. Very few of them are of high enough quality themselves to do their jobs. This article reviews many of the ratings and rankings sites, so patients can discover which ones are worth the time and effort.
Can My Doctor Fire or Dismiss Me as a Patient?
: Can My Doctor Fire or Dismiss Me as a Patient? We've known for a long time that patients can leave
How to Check and Verify a Doctor's Board...
Patients are told that a board certified doctor is a good choice for a practitioner. Taking the time to verify a doctor's board certification and membership is worth the effort and will help ensure that the doctor meets at least a minimum competency for handling your healthcare.
How Much Does It Cost to Get Copies of Your...
When you request copies of your medical records, you may be charged for them. Learn how how much it costs to obtain copies of your medical records.
Do Patients Have the Right to Refuse Medical...
Whether it's getting a flu shot, attending physical therapy, or going through chemotherapy or radiation treatment, many patients are afraid of treatment, or the cost of treatment. But do patients have the right to refuse medical treatment?
Who Has Access to Your Medical Records?
Most patients in the United States think their medical records are private, to be shared only with one's family or providers. However, there are many more individuals and organizations who can get a hold of our medical records - legally, illegally or even by mistake. Here is a list of those people and organizations who have access to our medical records.
Pain Contracts, Screening and Prescription Drug...
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What Is a MRSA Infection and What Does MRSA...
MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is an extremely difficult to treat infection that kills thousands of patients every year. Smart patients will learn what they can about MRSA, what MRSA looks like, and why the best approach is prevention.
Government Health and Medical Links Listed by...
Each state in the United States has its own laws and policies regarding many aspects of the health and medical care we receive, such as patients' rights, provider licensing, hospitals, medical records, insurers and payment programs. These aspects of our care are governed through state departments and agencies.
Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Medical Care
Good and effective medical care begins by choosing the right doctor for your needs. These tips will help you choose your Dr. Right.
Is it Safe to Buy Prescription Drugs from...
Buying prescription drugs from an online pharmacy seems convenient and may save money, but how can you be sure it's safe? Understanding the potential problems with purchasing drugs on the Internet will help you decide which online pharmacies are safe to make purchases from.
Why Does My Doctor or Hospital Need My Social...
From the FTC's Red Flags Rule to collecting debts, doctors, hospitals and other healthcare entities have begun requesting patients supply their social security numbers. Why does your doctor ask you for your social security number? Here are some of the reasons.
Become a Patient Advocate or Navigator:...
If you are interested in education or training to become a health or patient advocate or navigator, there are a handful of degree and certificate programs available. They are listed here and updated as more information becomes available.
What Is Health Insurance Coinsurance?
what is a health insurance coinsurance?
Look Up Medicare's HCPCS Codes
HCPCS codes are used to reimburse doctors for their care of Medicare patients. You may find HCPCS codes on your medical bills. Use this procedure for your free HCPCS codes look up.
How Hospital Observation Status Can Cause...
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A Doctor's Medical Training and Experience
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The Medical Information Bureau May Have a File...
Patient-consumers are often surprised to learn of the existence of a reporting agency called the Medical Information Bureau (MIB.) Similar to credit reporting agencies, it may have a file on you about previous health insurance and medical problems that you should be aware of.
Should I Choose a High Deductible or Catastroph...
When it comes time to choose an insurance plan, those lower premiums that go with high deductibles are tempting. How can we know whether a high deductible or catastrophic health insurance plan is the right choice for saving money?
Seasonal Flu 2013-2014
Seasonal influenza and new diagnoses of H1N1 swine flu both continue to infect us in early 2014. Learn about the status of both seasonal flu and H1N1 flu, how to prevent flu, what vaccines or flu shots are available , and what to do if you suspect you've come down with the flu.
A Story of Misdiagnosis
Receiving a wrong diagnosis can be devastating. Learn how the About.com Guide to Patient Empowerment found out she received a wrong diagnosis and how this misdiagnosis taught her about the importance of taking an active role in one's health care.
The Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
How can moving patient records to a computerized format help improve a patient's health? There are a number of ways electronic health record systems benefit patients.
What Patients Need to Know About the Shingles...
A diagnosis of shingles seems confusing to most patients. How does it relate to chicken pox? Can it be treated? Or prevented? Learn more about shingles and the shingles vaccine.
How to Visit Someone in the Hospital
Hospital visits can be dangerous for patients, and one safety hazard is the patient's visitors. Keep in mind these do's and don'ts for visiting your friend or loved one in the hospital to be sure he or she stays safe.
Getting a Job as a Patient Advocate
So you've decided you want to be a patient advocate, but how can you find a good paying job as a patient advocate?
Is It Possible You Have Lyme or Another...
Whether or not you know you've been bitten by a tick, whether you were bitten recently, or even years ago, you may have a tick-borne infection, and you may have Lyme (Lymes) Disease. It's a difficult diagnosis, and some doctors will tell you it's all in your head. Here is more information about what Lyme Disease is, how people get it, and what to do if it's possible you've been bitten by a tick.
How to Start a Patient or Other Health...
If you are an entrepreneur, enjoy patient advocacy work, and wish to start a business caring for others, starting a patient or other health advocates business may be a good choice. Here are the steps to starting a successful patient advocate's business.
What Is a Health Insurer's Drug Formulary and...
Each health insurance or payer maintains a list of prescription drugs it will pay for called its formulary. Learn what a formulary is, how its tier structure works, and how to use it to save money on the price of your prescription drugs.
Pain Drug Seeker Behaviors, Claims and...
Patients who need pain relieving drugs often feel stymied by doctors who won't write them the prescriptions they need. Here are some of the behaviors doctors look for to determine whether the request is coming from a patient with real medical need, or a drug seeker.
What is Medical Board Certification?
Patients are told to find a doctor who is board certified. Learn why it is important for physicians to be board certified in medical specialties and what the competencies are to make them eligible to be board certified.
Pre-Existing Conditions and the Affordable Care...
The ability of patients with pre-existing conditions to purchase health insurance changed drastically with passage healthcare reform, called ObamaCare - the Affordable Care Act. Learn about new options available to patients with pre-existing conditions.
How to Compare Drug Prices Online
Whether or not you have insurance and prescription coverage, comparing drug prices online makes sense if your goal is to save money.
What is the Difference Between Nurses and Nurse...
It's easy to get confused about nurses because they seem to serve a variety of roles. Smart patients understand which nurses perform which functions, and when to seek help from nurses vs nurse practitioners.
Triage: Definition of Medical Triage and How It...
The definition of triage, how medical triage works, the role of EMTs and nurses in triage.
Doctors Complaints About Patients' Behavior
We hear plenty of complaints about doctors and healthcare, but what complaints do doctors have about their patients? Are they fair? What can we patients learn from knowing what those complaints might be?
How to Complain or Provide Feedback to Your...
There are many reasons patients get frustrated with their doctors and their doctor appointments. Once you have decided the relationship with your doctor is worth keeping, you'll need to voice your opinions and make sure you are heard.
Natural or Herbal Weight Loss Drugs and...
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Health Insurance Problems - Out of Network...
More and more we are finding holes in our health insurance coverage, and are told that the doctor we want to see or the hospital we want to be treated in is not covered by our health insurer. When services are not covered, they are considered out of network. Bills are higher and claims are rejected. Learn more about out-of-network costs and how to prevent them.
What Services Do Private Health and Patient...
Patients need many kinds of assistance from medical help, to cost and billing review, to transportation, legal or hospital assistance. Each of these patient advocates services requires a different type of approach and background.
Dysautonomia - The Unusual Diagnosis That's Not...
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When You Can't Get a Diagnosis
One form of medical misdiagnosis is called Failure to Diagnose. It occurs when a patient can't get an accurate diagnosis, also called a missed diagnosis. Knowing the reasons why a diagnose eludes a doctor, and what the outcomes might be, will help you get closer to your own diagnosis.
What Patients Can Learn from Current Procedural...
CPT codes are found on almost every medical record kept about and for a patient. There is plenty patients can learn from CPT codes.
How to Find, Interview and Choose a Patient...
Once you have identified possible patient advocates to help you, there is information you will need to make sure the one you choose has the best ability to help you.
Write a Letter to the Doctor You Are Leaving...
There are many reasons we may choose to change doctors. Writing a letter to the doctor you are leaving can be cathartic to you. It will help you explain your reasons, is a good way to request your medical records and will help your doctor improve his service to future patients.
Upcoding Can Cost You Money and Your Health
Upcoding is a practice carried out by medical providers that pays them more money than they have earned. It's a fraudulent practice that forces patients to pay for upcoding from their wallets, and with their health. If you understand upcoding, you'll know how to help stop it.
What Can You Learn from Doctors Ratings or...
There are dozens of physicians ratings and rankings websites available to help patients decide which doctors can help them. But there are some problems with the way the information is interpreted and presented. Wise patients understand the benefits, and the pitfalls of using these sites.
Choosing to Leave the Hospital Against Medical...
If a patient wants to leave the hospital early, against medical advice, then it's important the decision is being made for good reason, and that he or she knows what to expect from the process.
How to Deal with an Arrogant Doctor
Sometimes we encounter a doctor who is so arrogant and condescending that we can't get the care we need. Learning to deal with an arrogant or egotistical doctor may be necessary for improving our health.
What is Universal Healthcare Coverage?
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An Overview of Patient Advocacy
Health and patients advocates provide many types of assistance and patient advocacy services. Here is an overview of health and patient advocacy with advocate resources included.
Why Do I Wait In the Waiting Room for Such a...
Follow the money to understand why you wait so long in the waiting room for your doctors appointment
A Story of Misdiagnosis (continued)
The misdiagnosis story, and the subsequent discovery of the truth, sets the stage for understanding patient empowerment. Page 2.
Medical Tests, Procedures and Treatments You...
In 2012, a group of nine medical specialties came together to issue a list of 45 medical tests, procedures and treatments that are unnecessary for patients, put them at risk and drive up costs. In subsequent years, they have added to the lists. Now there are hundreds of tests and procedures that need to be questioned before they are ever performed. Learn more about Choosing Wisely and how you can use it to be sure you get the treatment you need.
Have You Been Blacklisted, Blackballed or...
Patients report they have tried to see a doctor but they are denied medical care by any doctor. They report that they have been blacklisted, blackballed or that entries have been made to their records indicating they should not be seen or treated.
State-by-State Health Medical and Health...
Some of the resources you'll need to use to research your doctor, insurance, or hospital, or the laws that pertain to insurance, medical records or advance directives, will vary by state. Here is a list of resources that can help you answer questions for the state you live in.
Diagnosis, Treatment, Anger and Controversy -...
Many patients who have trouble getting diagnosed eventually believe they may have Chronic Lyme Disease. Here is information about the controversy over a Chronic Lyme Disease diagnosis and how patients can get around the controversy to get the treatment they wish to get.
Effective Patient - Doctor Communications
The most effective and successful healthcare begins with a respectful rapport between doctors and patients. Wise patients understand what comprises that rapport.
acute and subacute
definition of the words acute and subacute
How to Obtain Free and Low Cost Prescription...
There are several reasons stores and pharmacies might offer free or low cost drugs like antibiotics or pre-natal vitamins. If you understand these reasons, and follow the rules, then you'll find that obtaining your drugs for free or at low-cost can be a great way to save money on drugs.
MRSA Infection Photos - What Does MRSA Look Like?
MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is an infection usually acquired in the hospital,
Are You Seeing the Right Specialist?
When a patient has a difficult time getting a diagnosis, or thinks he may have been misdiagnosed, it could be because he is working with the wrong kind of specialist.
Rate Your Doctor - How to Write an Online Review
There are dozens of doctor ratings websites that invite you to rate or rank your doctor. But you want to be sure it's a good idea to rate your doctor and if so, that you do so fairly and accurately. Here are some considerations and tools for rating your doctor.
Differential Diagnosis: What Else Might Your...
The process of differential diagnosis helps patients understand the evidence used to determine their diagnosis, helps them learn about alternatives, and helps them confirm that their diagnosis was made correctly.
How to Research a Doctor's Credentials - Part II
There are two aspects to choosing the right doctor. One aspect is to find one you can partner with, one who fits your communication style. But a good communicator doesn't always have a successful track record. Learn how to research a doctor's credentials to be sure he or she has the competency to help you. Page 2.
What is a compromised immune system or...
What is a compromised immune system?
How to Complain About a Doctor or Other...
Sometimes a doctor or other healthcare provider does something so egregious that we patients feel as if we need to tell someone else about it. Sometimes it's a matter of discussing it with the doctor him or herself. But other times it needs to escalate to a formal report to a licensing or even law enforcement authority. Find here advice for determining when, where and how to make a report about a doctor who has been derelict in his duty. Page 5.
HIPAA and Issues of Privacy and Security
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act provides the basis for the sharing of healthcare information among those with a role on a patient's healthcare team. Empowered patients need an understanding of these laws to help them get the medical assistance they need.
Iatrogenic - What Is the Definition of...
What is the definition of iatrogenic?
How to Prevent Unneeded Office Visits for...
Not all medical test results are problematic, yet sometimes doctors expect us to return to the office to get them. It seems like a waste of our time and effort, so how can you prevent unneeded office visits for medical test results? Page 2.
curative care
Definition of curative care. Patient Empowerment.
Exceptions to Your Right to Refuse Medical...
Most Americans believe they have a right to refuse medical treatment. While that may be true under many circumstances, not all Americans can say no to treatment. Learn the difference, and who may not refuse to receive medical treatment.
CPT and HCPCS Codes for Telephone Calls and...
CPT and HCPCS codes have been developed so doctors can be reimbursed for their time spent on the telephone or exchanging email with patients. Learn more about these codes and what to do if you find them on your bill or your estimate of benefits.
Why Don't Some Doctors or Healthcare Facilities...
Whether or not a doctor accepts a certain form of insurance is all based how much your insurance company is willing to pay for his services. How does that work? Why do doctors accept some payers and not others? How does this affect a patient's care?
Is It Time to Change Doctors?
There are a number of reasons a patient may decide to change doctors. Sometimes it's a necessity, and others it's a choice. Learn about good reasons for making changes and the first steps toward a smooth transition.
upcoding - what is the definition of upcoding?
What is upcoding? What is the definition of upcoding?
Donate Your Organs, Tissues or Body - An End of...
Many parts of the human body can be transplanted to other people to help improve or extend life. Making the decision to become an organ or body donor should be considered as we think about our end of life wishes.
Fran Drescher Turns Uterine Cancer Misdiagnosis...
We knew and loved Fran Drescher as The Nanny on TV in the 1990s. Shortly after the show ended, she suffered her first misdiagnosis of uterine cancer. Read about her journey from getting a corrected diagnosis to Fran's work today as advocate, author, movement leader and diplomat.
Generic Drugs: Know the Pros and Cons, Benefits...
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Mystery Diagnosis - How to Solve Your...
Thousands of patients go undiagnosed each year. They get frustrated because no one can seem to solve the mystery of their illness. Here are some steps to take to try to arrive at a solution for your undiagnosed medical disease or condition.
Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)
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Titration or titrated - The definition of...
: You might remember the term "titration" or "titrated" from high school chemistry, where it referred
C.Difficile, Another Hospital Acquired...
One form of hospital acquired infection is called C. Diff, an abbreviation for Clostridium difficile. Understanding C. Diff and how it is introduced to the body will help patients, caregivers and advocates better understand how to prevent or avoid this hospital acquired infection.
Doctors Reject Difficult Patients, Denying Them...
Patients report that their doctors will not see them, refusing to make appointments or rejecting their requests for help. What most patients don't realize is that it is their own behavior that may have caused those rejections. Learn more about the reasons doctors may reject difficult patients.
10 Myths About Lyme Disease and Other...
With the controversy that surrounds the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease, especially Chronic Lyme or Post-treatment Lyme disease Syndrome (PTLDS), many myths about its transmission and possible treatments have developed. Find the facts here.
Why Your Doctor May Hesitate to Prescribe Pain...
When patients are in pain, they hope their doctors will prescribe drugs to help relieve the pain. But sometimes they run into roadblocks from their doctors, and are turned away, or put on tight prescribing schedules. Learn why doctors are reluctant to prescribe pain drugs for some patients.
What Is Healthcare Billing Fraud and How Can It...
Healthcare billing fraud costs Americans billions of dollars each year, and contributes to the dysfunction of the healthcare system. Understanding how fraud takes place can help us patients recognize it, and take steps to report it.
Finding a Second Opinion Doctor
How to find a doctor for a second opinion regarding a diagnosis or treatment option.
FSA and HSA Qualifying Expenses
Qualifying expenses are those expenses that the IRS says you may pay for using a flexible spending account
Flu Vaccines and Vaccinations - Problems, Side...
Each year, millions of people get their flu vaccinations, and each year, some problems occur with those vaccines. Seasonal flu, swine flu, bird flu - flu vaccines may cause problems or side effects. Learn more about the problems, how they are being addressed, and what we can learn from or about them.
When Do You Need a Second Opinion?
When you have a difficult diagnosis, or if the treatment options presented to you are invasive or long-lasting, you need to get a second opinion.
Hospital Acquired Vancomycin-resistant...
VRE, Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci or Enterococcus infection is another of the hospital acquired infections that can turn deadly. Smart patients, caregivers and advocates understand the origin of VRE infections so they can take precautions to avoid them.
Comparing Health Savings Accounts and Flexible...
Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts are different ways to pay for health and medical related expenses that have tax benefits. Because they have confusing rules, we may be reluctant to use them. Here is a comparison of the commonalities, differences and benefits between HSAs and FSAs.
How to Prevent Being Placed on Hospital...
Patient Empowerment. Page 2.
sepsis and septicemia
the definitions and descriptions of sepsis and septicemia
Capitation - the Definition of Capitation
: Capitation refers to a form of healthcare payment system. In a capitation model, a provider or hospital
What Is the Difference Between Original...
It's easy to be confused about Medicare plans. Here are the differences among those different types of Medicare plans.
3. A MRSA Infected Incision
Staph infections, like MRSA, can enter the body through an incision or cut. This incision is in the later
Understanding Your Medical Test Results
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How to Compare Health Insurance Plans Before...
When it's time to choose your health insurer, there are important questions you must ask yourself, and them, to be sure you're getting the best coverage for your circumstances and wallet. Here's how to compare health insurance plans to be sure you're making the right choice. Page 8.
Patients' Rights
All patients, regardless of their means or health, should expect to be treated respectfully, without discrimination by their providers and practitioners.
Specialized-Focus Patient Advocacy and...
If you are interested in training to become a health or patient advocate or navigator, there are a handful of degree and certificate programs available for patient's advocates. They are listed here and updated as more information becomes available. Page 2.
How to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections
The best approach for avoiding hospital acquired infections is to prevent them to begin with. Patients can play a big role in avoiding infections themselves. Here are some steps to help you prevent hospital acquired infections.
What is the definition of ambulatory?
: "Ambulatory" is used in medical care both to refer to a type of patient, or to refer to a type of care.
The Wise Patient's Guide to Being an Empowered...
Understanding the reasons for empowerment, and what it takes to be empowered will go a long way in helping you understand the benefits.
Advance Directives - Documents - Living Wills,...
To make sure your end-of-life wishes are carried out requires documents for living wills, healthcare proxies and do-not-resuscitate orders.
Health and Patient Advocacy Careers: Health Coach
One form of patient advocacy is Health Coaching which focuses more on wellness and lifestyle management of its clients. Learn more about a career in health coaching and becoming a health coach.
Prescription Assistance Programs
Patients seeking help paying for their prescription drugs and medications will find hundreds of programs available. Some of these programs are useful. Others are scams. Learn which programs can help you find assistance paying for your drugs.
Highlights of the Affordable Care Act...
So much of the information about the Affordable Care Act is confusing. Here are the highlights and what they mean to you.
Emergency Room 101
Millions of people find themselves in a hospital emergency room each year. You never know when it will happen to you! Reading and understanding these emergency room tips will help make your stay in the ER shorter, and may provide you with better care.
Balance Billing
The definition of balance billing when used in a medical billing context
How to Read Your Doctors' Bills or Other...
There is a wealth of information about your health and healthcare in your medical bills. Knowing how to find the information will help you manage your health and medical care, plus your medical expenses.
How to Review Your Medical Records for Errors
Even the smallest discrepancy on your medical records can make a huge difference in your diagnosis or treatment. Here's how to review your medical records for errors and mistakes.
What Patients Need to Know About Hospital...
Another provision of the Affordable Care Act relates to hospital discharges and readmissions. It was intended to ensure the quality of hospital care.
What Are Bundled Medical Codes?
Bundled medical codes are CPTs that have been combined. Learn more about where you'll find bundled codes, how they are bundled, and how to look them up for free.
Learn About Medicare's Never Events Policy
In 2008, Medicare instituted a never events policy intended to improve patient safety, refusing to pay for certain types of patient safety violations that occur in hospitals.
How to Find a Doctor Online
There are dozens of websites to help you find a doctor. Which of the sites is credible or useful? Learn how to do a useful search for a physician online.
Seasonal Flu 2013 - 2014
Seasonal flu is making the rounds again beginning Fall 2013 through Winter 2014. The predominent strain is H1N1, the same strain as swine flu. Learn about the status of seasonal flu, how to prevent flu, what vaccines or flu shots are available, and what to do if you suspect you've come down with the flu. Page 2.
What Is Healthcare Rationing?
When we are denied the medical care we want or think we need, having a knowledge of the concept of healthcare rationing will go a long way toward helping us how to combat it. Understanding healthcare rationing will also help us understand conversations in the coming years about healthcare reform.
Why Does My Doctor Send Me for So Many Medical...
: Why Does My Doctor Send Me for So Many Medical Tests? Many patients find that their physicians have
Why the American Health Care System Needs Reform
We hear healthcare reform discussed continually in the media, and among our friends and co-workers, but why does the system need reform? What are the problems that need to be solved?
What to Do If Your Doctor Tells You "It's All...
It's horribly frustrating to have a doctor tell us that physical symptoms may be all in our head! But there are some steps you can take in order to prove your doctor wrong and get the help you need.
Medicare 101
There may be thousands of resources that help explain what Medicare is, but here are the basics to help you get started.

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