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Recording Your Family Medical History - an Important Medical Record


Updated September 06, 2013

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Why Record Your Family's Medical History?

Your personal medical records will be vitally important when it comes to tracking illnesses and medical problems you have or may develop through your lifetime. Among the components of your medical records will be your family medical history.

Did your grandfather suffer from Alzheimer's disease? Does Great Aunt Emma have problems with psoriasis? Did your mother have breast cancer? Does your brother have heart disease?

Tracking diseases and conditions suffered by blood relatives can help you reveal any risk factors you may have. This type of information tracks your genetic make up, and may be helpful for diagnosing problems, and may help you prevent development of such problems by knowing what habit changes may be needed now.

Once you've assembled the information you need, share it with your doctor at your next check up. Your doctor will want to keep a copy of it and will likely find it very helpful, if not right away, then sometime in your future.

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