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What to Do if You are Denied Access to Your Medical Records


Updated August 22, 2013

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What to Do if You Are Denied Access to Your Medical Records

Just because the law says you have a right to get copies of your medical records doesn't mean all covered entities are willing to supply them. Your doctor or your insurer may deny you access for reasons that make no sense to you, but for some reason are important to them. In most cases, it's illegal for them to deny you access, according to HIPAA laws. Here are the steps to take to determine whether you have a legal right to your medical records, and what to do if you are denied access to your medical records:

Step One - Do you have the right to access your records? and Are they available?

Be sure you have a right to get those records, and that the records are available. There are some circumstances under which you do not have a right to them. Also, there are medical records storage time requirements which vary by the state you live in, the type of record, your record of medical problems, and where the records are being kept.

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