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Getting Your Diagnosis, Confirming Your Diagnosis, and Working with Providers


Any diagnosis, no matter how scary or simple, can cause difficulties for patients and their loved ones. Understanding the process of getting a diagnosis, learning about it, and choosing the right doctors are all important steps on the road to achieving the best outcome and feeling in control of your health.
  1. The Diagnosis Process
  2. Your Diagnosis
  3. Your Doctors: Choices and Communication
  4. When It's Time for a Second Opinion
  5. Problem with Your Diagnosis? Missing a Diagnosis?

The Diagnosis Process

Whether you haven't yet visited your doctor, you've already been given a diagnosis, or you remain undiagnosed, there are good practices that will help you get the right answers.

Your Diagnosis

Once you've gotten a diagnosis and are confident it is correct, you'll need to step up to the plate to partner with your doctor. There are a number of tools that will help you develop the right attitude and the confidence to see yourself through your medical journey.

Your Doctors: Choices and Communication

When you are sick or hurt, the road to wellness is much smoother if you are able to trust your doctors and truly feel like you can collaborate with them. That trust requires good two-way communication with the right physician.

When It's Time for a Second Opinion

If you have been diagnosed with something that will be chronic, lifelong, or will require invasive treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, you must get a second opinion. Further, if you aren't sure your diagnosis is correct, or if you are having trouble getting a first diagnosis, you'll need to see a second doctor to get to the bottom of things.

Problem with Your Diagnosis? Missing a Diagnosis?

frustrated patient

You may get a diagnosis and the treatment doesn't work. That means you may have been misdiagnosed. Or maybe you can't get a diagnosis at all. There are few things in life as problematic as getting a wrong diagnosis or not getting a diagnosis at all. See if you can find help among these links.

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