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Updated October 03, 2012

There may be no more controversy in the actual practice of medicine (as opposed to the system of healthcare) than pain, its measurement, its treatment, safety and efficacy of available treatment, and the laws that surround it.

Smart patients realize that the controversy can create major problems for them when they are in pain, whether their pain is new, has plagued them for a long time, comes from an obvious source, or is somewhat elusive in its definition.

I've put together some information on this topic to help you manage your pain, the hurdles you may encounter when trying to treat it, and the controversies that surround painkillers, safety and the law. These articles will help you better communicate with your doctor, understand the laws, and have a better chance of getting past the hurdles that get in the way of controlling your pain.

General Information About Pain and Its Treatment

Understand the Different Types of Pain

A Glossary of Pain and Pain Treatment Terminology

Schedules of Controlled Substances

Pain Treatment and Patient Safety

How Controlled Substance Drug Laws Affect Patients in Pain

Take Steps to Stay Safe with Pain Drugs

How to Avoid Painkiller Addiction, Drug Dependency and Abuse

Relieving Pain Without Drugs

Legal Issues in Pain Treatment

Pain Drugs, Drug Seekers, Your Doctor and the Law

Pain Drug Seeker Behaviors, Claims and Characteristics

Medical Marijuana, Pain Relief and the Law

Pain Contracts, Screening and Prescription Drug Databases

Do you have questions about the treatment of pain that have not been answered here? If so, please contact me so I can do some research and try to help you. Please remember that I cannot offer medical advice - only patient empowerment, safety and legal resources.

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