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How-To's for EmPatients - Skills that Can Make You an Empowered Patient


Nobody teaches us to be empowered patients. We emPatients (e-patients) must empower ourselves. Here are some of the skills and how-to's that will help you make smart medical decisions, turning you into an empowered patient.
  1. Get the Right Diagnosis
  2. Make Good Medical Decisions
  3. Choose the Best Doctors and Hospitals
  4. Understand Your Medical Records
  5. Work with Your Doctor
  1. Get the Most from Your Research
  2. Save Money
  3. Stay Safe Accessing Healthcare
  4. More Skills for Empowered Patients

Get the Right Diagnosis

Whether you haven't yet visited your doctor, you've already been given a diagnosis, or you remain undiagnosed, there are good practices that will help you get the right answers.

Make Good Medical Decisions

When we're sick, it's difficult to think as clearly as we would like. But never has it been more important. Here are some skills that will help you pull together all the information you need to make the best medical decisions for yourself or a loved one.

Choose the Best Doctors and Hospitals

Choosing the right doctor can make the difference between life and death - or the quality of the life you have. Not all doctors have the same skills. Be sure you know who you are working with.

Understand Your Medical Records

As we move toward electronic medical record systems, it is more important than ever that we check our records, understand them, and correct any errors.

Work with Your Doctor

Just because a doctor has a good reputation doesn't mean that doctor is the best one for you. Make sure you and your doctor are mutually respectful.

Get the Most from Your Research

There is more information about health matters available than ever before. But it's not all good or correct or even intended to do well by you. Learn to find the most credible information, and be sure you know how to avoid being scammed.

Save Money

Healthcare gets more expensive every day. While accessing care will never again be much of a bargain, there are some ways you can help reduce your own expense.

Stay Safe Accessing Healthcare

Between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die from avoidable medical mistakes every day. Patients acquire infections they should not get, they are the victims of surgical errors, they are given the wrong drugs. These articles will help you be sure you or a loved one doesn't become a statistic.

More Skills for Empowered Patients

Some skills are important but don't easily fall into a specific category. Here are some additional skills that can help get you farther down the road to being an empowered patient.

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