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How to Compare Health Insurance Plans Before You Purchase Health Insurance


Updated September 02, 2013

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Bottom Line: Careful Review Saves Money

As time goes on, as healthcare reform is implemented, and as confusion about what is, or is not allowed through health insurance continues, smart patients know to review all the information they can find about purchasing the right health insurance plan.

In many ways, health insurance companies are feeling squeezed for profits. As a result, they are taking steps to protect the money the raise from selling policies, and in many ways we patients are being blind-sided by the steps they take.

The one thing that protects us is knowledge of what is included in the written policies and plans we purchase - especially when we have reviewed our choices carefully before committing to the one that will work best for our circumstances.

If you have more questions about choosing and purchasing the best health insurance plan for you, you may want to review Health Insurance 101, a compilation of all the articles at this site which can help you.

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