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Addressing Concerns and Seeking the Truth About Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform is Confusing to Almost Everyone


Updated March 26, 2010

[Updated after passage of the healthcare reform law, March 2010.]

This is your opportunity to ask questions or share answers! What have you heard about healthcare reform that you are unsure of? What questions do you have? What fears keep you awake at night? Click on the Readers Respond box at the bottom of the page - it's your turn to share.

There is so much information -- and disinformation -- circulating about healthcare reform. It's difficult to know what is true and what isn't true. Let's take a look at the rumors that are out there, and see if we can't get straight answers.

  • Will senior citizens be forced to go to counseling sessions to learn how to make end of life decisions? No.
  • Will people be denied heart care when they turn 59 years old? No.
  • Will healthcare reform bring rationing? No, because we already have rationing.
  • Will illegal immigrants be given free healthcare? No.

There are dozens of rumors circulating out there, most started by those lobbyists and political action committees who want to scare us into doing things their way rather than letting us understand the truth.

In fact, even though healthcare reform laws were passed in the United States in March 2010, many questions will continue to be raised during the five years it takes to implement the law.

What concerns do you have about healthcare reform? Are there changes you’ve heard about or wondered about? Are you not sure what to believe? Share the issues on your mind here. Then check back regularly as I tackle the rumors and concerns you raise so we can separate fact from fiction.

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