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Healthcare Reform in America

Healthcare reform is a topic discussed everywhere in the United States, by any adult who has tried to access decent, affordable healthcare in the past decade. Understanding the roots of the dysfunction, what the questions are, the possible answers, and how it all relates to cost is an integral part of understanding healthcare reform.

Understanding Healthcare Reform
The American healthcare system is dysfunctional. From politicians to patients, we hear cries for healthcare system reform. Learn what issues need to be addressed, and understand the various opinions about what the possible answers might be.

What's Missing in the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
When the ACA was passed in 2010, then later when it was confirmed by the Supreme Court, it was still lacking in at least three important areas. Here are the aspects of necessary reform that are missing in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Why Does America Need Healthcare Reform?
We hear healthcare reform discussed continually in the media, and among our friends and co-workers, but why does the system need reform? What are the problems that need to be solved?

What Do Parents and Young Adults Need to Know about Healthcare Reform?
The Affordable Care Act, a much more descriptive name for healthcare reform legislation, contains one provision aimed squarely at making sure young adults are covered. There are several aspects to this part of the law that empowered patients who are either younger than age 26, or the parents of these young adults should be aware of.

What Concerns Do You Have About Healthcare Reform?
What concerns do you have about healthcare reform? Are there changes you’ve heard about or wondered about? Are you not sure what to believe? Share the issues on your mind here.

Dispelling Rumors and Seeking the Truth About Healthcare Reform
There is so much information -- and disinformation -- circulating about healthcare reform. It's difficult to know what is true and what isn't true. Let's take a look at the rumors that are out there, and see if we can't get straight answers.

Why the Insured Should Be Paying for Those Who Are Not Insured
Those who work hard to pay for their health insurance may get frustrated at the idea of having to pay for others too. What they don't realize is that they already are, and the costs in money and health are astronomical already.

How Will Healthcare Reform Affect Seniors and Older Americans?
As America moves toward healthcare reform, senior citizens and older Americans are concerned that their care, and access to care will be compromised. Learn the facts about how healthcare reform will affect older Americans.

How Will Healthcare Reform Affect People Who Already Have Insurance?
If you have good healthcare coverage, you may be fearful about the changes healthcare reform will bring.

Healthcare Reform - How Should Healthcare be Paid For?
No discussion or decisions about healthcare reform can take place without deciding how healthcare services will be paid. Should the United States evolve to universal healthcare? Should it be single payer? Is healthcare a right? Or an obligation?

Additional Money Considerations In Healthcare Reform
Payment for healthcare services is not the only cost-related issue in healthcare reform. From fraud, to the costs of drugs and medical devices, to the cost of technology and new facilities, there are additional considerations.

Healthcare Reform - Who Should Be Covered for What Health or Medical Services?
At the foundation of decision about healthcare reform is deciding who should have access to healthcare and what services should be covered for payment. Should all Americans be covered? Should they be able to choose from more services or fewer? Begin the discussion here.

Public Option Health Insurance Pros and Cons
What exactly is public option health insurance? Understanding the pros and cons of this form of insurance will help you decide whether it is a choice you would make for a good healthcare reform program.

What is a health insurance exchange and how will it benefit patients?
Among those interested in solutions for healthcare insurance reform, health insurance exchanges are being discussed. What is a health insurance exchange and how would it benefit patients?

What Is a Health Insurance Co-op? (Health Insurance Cooperative)
What is a health insurance co-op or a health insurance cooperative and how would it help Americans get healthcare coverage.

How Will Rationing Affect My Healthcare?
When we are denied the medical care we want or think we need, having a knowledge of the concept of healthcare rationing will go a long way toward helping us how to combat it. Understanding healthcare rationing will also help us understand conversations in the coming years about healthcare reform.

Where Does Rationing Fit Into Healthcare Reform?
The most negative word bandied about in the debates on healthcare reform concern healthcare "rationing." Most of this is hype. So where does rationing fit into the debate on healthcare reform?

What is the Difference Between Universal Healthcare and a Single Payer System?
Most people think that universal healthcare and a single payer healthcare system are the same thing. Learn the differences between them.

What is Universal Healthcare?
In discussions of healthcare reform, we often hear the term "universal healthcare," but it is often confused with "single payer" as a description of a way to pay for healthcare. What is universal healthcare and how does it work?

What Is a Single-Payer Healthcare System?
Americans frequently confuse the idea of a single payer healthcare system with a universal system. What is single payer healthcare? And how is it different from universal healthcare?

What Is Socialized Medicine?
When Americans talk about healthcare reform, they worry about the concept of socialized medicine. Just what is socialized medicine, and is it really something to worry about?

What Does Consumer-Directed Healthcare Mean?
Consumer directed healthcare, also called consumer driven healthcare, is a way patients control the cost of their healthcare, and is discussed by experts in healthcare reform.

The Role of Medical Research in Healthcare Reform
Medical research must be included in conversations about healthcare reform, because like all other aspects of reform, good research costs money. The lack of government money for research has caused conflicts of interest and failures on the part of the FDA.

The Use of Electronic Medical Records and Other Technology in Healthcare Reform
The use of technology in healthcare is both a blessing and a curse. While patients may benefit, the costs are often very high, making an impact on the overall cost of tests and treatments, a cost which gets passed on to the patient. The exception may be electronic medical records.

What Role Does Patient Safety Play in Discussions of Healthcare Reform?
Included in discussions of healthcare reform should be the cost of patient safety violations. When healthcare professionals are in a hurry, they make mistakes. The cost to patients is their health, perhaps their lives, and always, more money.

What is Tort Reform? How Does Tort Reform Relate to Healthcare Refor
What does tort reform mean, and why is it part of the discussion about healthcare reform?

What Does Cost Transparency Mean? How Is It Related to Reimbursement?
What does health- or- medical-cost transparency mean, what is its relation to consumer directed healthcare, and how does it affect healthcare reform?

What Does Portability of Health Insurance Mean?
What does the concept of portability mean in a discussion about healthcare reform and insurance?

What Are Pre-Existing Conditions?
What are pre-existing conditions and why do I need to be concerned about them?

Compare Healthcare Reform Proposals - 2009
If you want to follow ideas for healthcare reform, and compare them to each other, the Rand Corporation has set up this website to make that possible

Healthcare Reform 2009 - Separate the Facts from the Fiction and Lies
As healthcare reform debates continue, wise patients learn to separate the facts from the fiction and the lies about healthcare reform.

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