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Healthcare Email, Video and Website Scams and Hoaxes


Updated April 23, 2012

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Healthcare Email, Video and Website Scams and Hoaxes

It seems a new email arrives in my inbox every day, with some claim or website or video link, related to politics, healthcare reform, vaccines, swine flu or other topics. They come from citizens like you and me who want to share their outrage, influence their friends, support their conspiracy theories or simply warn others.

The problem is: many, if not most of those claims, are bogus. They may be shades of the truth. Sometimes they are riffs on information that has been taken out of context, and other times they have been created specifically to get people upset about one political candidate or fact, in order to convince them to vote for the candidate or party they support.

To the extent possible, we will try to keep a list here of the chain email, website and video claims we have seen, and resources to show how true or false they are.

If you receive information you want to know more about on any health related topic, first check here (using the categories below) to see if we have it listed. If not, here is some advice for reviewing it yourself to determine its veracity.

We also invite you to share any email you have confirmed or debunked. (Keep in mind that we reserve the right not to publish any "proof" that doesn't stand up to objective scrutiny.)

Important Note: Just because you don't find your email, video or website here, doesn't mean the email is correct or true. It may only mean it has not yet been reported. If you receive one and can't find information using our guideliness for confirming or debunking, then please forward it the the Patient Empowerment Guide for review.

Categories of Healthcare Related Claims

Claims about Healthcare Reform and the Affordable Care Act

Claims about Presidential or Other Political Candidates

Claims about Diseases and Conditions

Claims about Drugs and Vaccines

Miscellaneous Email Claims Relating to Health and Medical Care

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