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Health on the Net Foundation (HON)


Updated May 20, 2009

HON logo

HON Logo

Health on the Net Foundation
Definition: An organization based in Switzerland that provides credibility to health and medical websites all over the world.

Website owners must apply for inclusion in the HON database of credible websites. A review of eight principles of credibility, called the HON Code, is made before they receive that accreditation.

Once a site is accredited, it is given permission to display the HON logo on its site. Visitors to any site that displays the HON logo are encouraged to click on that logo to confirm that site's accreditation. Likewise, the HON site itself can be used as a search engine for finding credible health and medical information.

More than 5,000 websites in 72 countries have been accredited by HON.

Health and medical information websites need a way to assure their visitors that the information they provide is credible, and that any conflicts of interest they may pose are transparent (easily identified).

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