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Follow the Money to Answer Many Healthcare Questions

When something about your healthcare doesn't make sense, the answer may just be "follow the money." From why your doctor won't spend time with you, to why your insurance company has denied you the treatment you need, understanding profit and income motives may be the answer, and may help you find a better solution.

Why Is It So Difficult to Find a Primary Care Physician?
When we know it is time to change doctors, sometimes it seems impossible to find a primary care physician. Why is it so difficult and what can we do instead?

Why Is My Doctor in Such a Hurry? Why Won't He Spend Enough Time with Me?
We patients get frustrated when our doctors seem to be in such a hurry. We don't understand why they won't take the time to answer our questions. When we understand why this happens, we can take steps to change it, or make it easier to tolerate.

Why Do I Wait In the Waiting Room for Such a Long Time at a Doctors Appointment?
Follow the money to understand why your doctor keeps you waiting for your appointment.

Why Doesn't My Doctor Coordinate My Care?
Patients who have been to visit a number of specialists or other providers are often frustrated because no one will review all the reports or tests or help them coordinate their care. When we understand why this happens, we can take steps to improve our own experience.

Why Doesn't My Doctor Tell Me About All My Treatment Options?
Once we have a solid diagnosis, we need to be sure our doctor has told us about all our treatment options. Here are the reasons why he may not mention them all, and what to do if you find options your doctor has not told you about.

Why Does My Doctor Send Me for So Many Medical Tests?
When we have unusual symptoms, the doctor recommends a variety of tests to help diagnose. Sometimes we don't understand why there are so many, or why some of those tests are necessary. One answer is, "follow the money."

How Hospital Observation Status Can Cause Trouble for You
In recent years, hospitals have begun holding patients in "observation status," not because patients shouldn't be admitted to the hospital, but because it's a way the hospital can make more money. This is particularly a problem for Medicare patients, but might be a problem for others, too. Learn more about observation status and how to be sure...

Why Won't My Doctor Call Me Back on the Telephone or Exchange Email with Me?
Many patients get frustrated because they would like to make a quick phone call or send an email to their doctors - but their doctors won't call them back, or reply to an email. Learn why it's so difficult to find a physician who will communicate with their patients using the telephone or email.

What Is Boutique Medicine (Concierge Doctor Practice) ?
A concierge practice, also known as boutique medicine, is a practice model used by doctors who do not accept a patient's insurance for payment. Is this a good model for patient care?

Why Does My Doctor Make Me Return to the Office to Get My Medical Tes…
Not all medical test results are problematic, yet sometimes doctors expect us to return to the office to get them. It seems like a waste of our time and effort, so why does your doctor make you return to the office to get your medical test results?

What Is Overtreatment? When Does a Patient Get Too Much Treatment?
When it comes to getting medical treatment, we patients should seek exactly what we need - no more and no less. But what is medical overtreatment? How can we know when we're being treated too much?

What Is the FICO Medication Adherence Score?
Most of us understand that a FICO score affects our ability to get financial credit. But FICO has developed a new score called the FICO Medication Adherence Score. Learn what this score is, who is interested in it, and why we patients must be concerned about it.

The FICO Medication Adherence Score: Benefits, Problems and How to Control It
Understanding the potential benefits and problems raised by the FICO Medication Adherence Score will help patients understand how to game the system, too, to control how high the score is, and keep it as high as possible.

Why Won't Health Insurers Pay for Alternative Medicine or Complementary Therapy?
Millions of Americans are interested in pursuing alternative medicine or complementary therapies like herbal supplements, massage therapy, yoga or meditation, yet their health insurers refuse to pay for these forms of treatment. Why won't health insurance cover the cost of alternative medicine or complementary therapy? And what can we do about it?

I'm Healthy. So Why Does My Health Insurance Premium Increase Each Year?
Why is health insurance so expensive? And why do we pay more and more each year, even when we are healthy?

Why Does My Health Insurer Deny the Care My Doctor Recommends?
More and more, health payers are insisting patients get permission to undergo a test or treatment. Then patients are told that no, the payer will not cover the cost of that test or treatment. Why do payers deny care to patients? What alternatives are there?

Why Don't Some Doctors or Healthcare Facilities Accept My Insurance?
Whether or not a doctor accepts a certain form of insurance is all based how much your insurance company is willing to pay for his services. How does that work? Why do doctors accept some payers and not others? How does this affect a patient's care?

Why Doesn't My Health Insurance Cover the Doctors I Want to See?
Each year, doctors and medical facilities negotiate with insurers to decide whether they will accept that insurer's payment for their services. This sometimes means a doctor or facility won't be included on our list of insurer-acceptable doctors. How does that work and why are some doctors eliminated from the lists?

Why Was My Application for Health Insurance Rejected?
Many people apply for health insurance, and are denied health insurance coverage. There are a number of reasons someone's health insurance application can be rejected. Learn why, and some steps to take to change the decision.

Was Your Health Insurance Canceled?
Health insurance can be canceled by us patients, or by the health insurance company itself. What was the reason your health insurance was canceled? See submissions

Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism
Despite the legal implications and the ethical questions, human organs are being bought and sold every day all over the world, including the United States and Canada.

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