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Reading Your Doctor's Medical Services Receipt


Updated October 19, 2013

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CPT Codes Are Listed on Your Appointment Receipt
list of CPT codes on a superbill

Your appointment receipt will show CPT codes

Trisha Torrey

Once you have identified the services and follow up services on your bill, you'll see that each one is lined up with a five digit code.

These are called CPT codes. Every single service a doctor will provide to you that he expects to be paid for, will align with one of these CPT codes. For a better understanding of CPT codes, where they come from and why they are used, take a look at What Are CPT Codes.

CPT codes are important to your doctor because they determine how much he will be paid for your visit. They are important to you because you want to be sure they are reflected accurately on your records. The wrong CPT codes can cause a ripple effect that might end up in the wrong diagnosis for you, the wrong treatment, and later, if you ever need to change insurance, it could cause denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions.

Just as you double checked the names of the services and follow up services provided, you'll want to make sure the CPT codes are correct, too. Match the CPT codes to their services.

If you find a discrepancy, you'll need to work with your doctor's office to correct your medical record.

Once you have the services and CPT codes covered, it will be time to take a look at the diagnosis information.

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