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Reading Your Doctor's Medical Services Receipt


Updated October 19, 2013

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What Can You Learn from Your Doctor's Appointment Receipt?
Doctor's office receipt.

Doctor's Office Receipt

Trisha Torrey

You've just spent an hour at your doctor's office. As you leave, you are handed a piece of paper which looks similar to the graphic here. It has tiny typed words and lots of little numbers, and may be one part of a multi-part form. To us patients, it looks like a doctor's appointment receipt for services. Your doctor's staff may call it an encounter form, a billing slip, a superbill or an after-visit summary.

Hospital receipts may look similar, although far more extensive. It doesn't really matter what they look like; the information will be the same kind of information.

You can use that doctor's appointment receipt to understand the medical services that were performed.

You can also use the receipt is to help you compare the services performed to your doctor's bill, and later your insurance (or Medicare or other payer's) EOB, Explanation of Benefits, to be sure you aren't being charged any more money than you should be.

What Information Will You Find on the Doctor's Appointment Receipt?

The receipt will reflect everything that happened during your appointment, and will order some or all of the follow-up tests or treatments that need to take place, too.

  • Your personal information including your insurance information(not shown). You'll want to double check when the receipt is handed to you to be sure it's correct, and that it belongs to you and hasn't been mixed up with someone else's.
  • Names for services performed
  • CPT Codes for services performed
  • Names and CPT codes for tests being ordered
  • Diagnosis codes, either ICD-9 codes or ICD-10 codes
  • There may be other sections for co-pays, and signature.

Let's take a look at each of these fields of information.

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