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Change Doctors - When and How to Complain or Change Doctors

Whether you and your doctor just don't communicate well, you believe you aren't getting the best care, or even if your doctor has "fired" you - learn when and how to complain, or change doctors.

Should You Complain to Your Doctor?
There are times we all get frustrated by long waits to see the doctor, not getting our questions answered, a rude receptionist or other problems with the system that keep us from getting the care we want and need. When is it time to complain, and how do we know when the relationship is worth keeping?

How to Complain or Provide Feedback to Your Doctor
There are many reasons patients get frustrated with their doctors and their doctor appointments. Once you have decided the relationship with your doctor is worth keeping, you'll need to voice your opinions and make sure you are heard.

How to Complain About a Doctor or Other Healthcare Provider
Sometimes a doctor or other healthcare provider does something so egregious that we patients feel as if we need to tell someone else about it. Sometimes it's a matter of discussing it with the doctor him or herself. But other times it needs to escalate to a formal report to a licensing or even law enforcement authority. Find here advice for determining when, where and how to make a report about a doctor who has been derelict in his duty.

How to Repair Your Relationship With Your Doctor
Once a patient's relationship with her doctor goes sour, it's time to assess whether it can be fixed, and if so, how to go about repairing the patient-doctor relationship.

Is It Time to Change Doctors?
There are a number of reasons a patient may decide to change doctors. Sometimes it's a necessity, and others it's a choice. Learn about good reasons for making changes and the first steps toward a smooth transition.

How to Change Doctors
For many reasons, patients may need, or wish to, make a change in their doctor or other health care providers. It's smart to make the change systematically so you won't create a problem.

Write a Letter to the Doctor You Are Leaving When You Change Doctors
There are many reasons we may choose to change doctors. Writing a letter to the doctor you are leaving can be cathartic to you. It will help you explain your reasons, is a good way to request your medical records and will help your doctor improve his service to future patients.

Have You Been Blacklisted, Blackballed or Denied Medical Care?
Patients report they have tried to see a doctor but they are denied medical care by any doctor. They report that they have been blacklisted, blackballed or that entries have been made to their records indicating they should not be seen or treated.

Doctors Complaints About Patients' Behavior
We hear plenty of complaints about doctors and healthcare, but patients should be aware that doctors don't like to deal with difficult patients either. What complaints do doctors have about their patients?

Doctors Reject Difficult Patients
Patients report that their doctors will not see them, refusing to make appointments or rejecting their requests for help. What most patients don't realize is that it is their own behavior that may have caused those rejections. Learn more about the reasons doctors may reject difficult patients.

How to Improve a Doctor's Bedside Manner
In the old days, it seemed like most doctors had a pleasant bedside manner. But today we get frustrated because doctors are in such a hurry and may seem brusque and unfriendly. Learn what patients can do to improve a doctor's bedside manner.

How to Deal with an Arrogant Doctor
Sometimes we encounter a doctor who is so arrogant and condescending that we can't get the care we need. Learning to deal with an arrogant or egotistical doctor may be necessary for improving our health.

What to Do If Your Doctor or Other Provider Insults You
Healthcare is so personal, and so often we patients feel judged. Our providers, like doctors, nurses, even the receptionist may say or do something that seems insulting. Here are some steps to take if you believe your provider has insulted you.

Why did a nurse, doctor or other provider insult me?
More and more complaints come from patients who have felt insulted by a doctor, nurse, medical assistant, receptionist or someone else who provides medical care. Here are some of the reasons you may feel insulted - and why one reason may have its roots in money.

You May Be Seeing the Wrong Specialist
When a patient has a difficult time getting a diagnosis, or thinks he may have been misdiagnosed, it could be because he is working with the wrong kind of specialist.

Among Doctors There are Way Too Many Bad Apples
Arrogant, disrespectful, mistake-prone doctoring seems to be on the rise. Until other physicians begin to police their own, patients will continue to suffer and die.

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