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Books, Interviews and Other Media of Interest to Patients and Advocates

These interviews, books, videos, and other media will help you better understand why you need to be an empowered patient, and will help you develop the skills you'll need to advocate for yourself or a loved one successfully. From hard facts, to personal stories, to snake oil, you'll be better informed when you keep up with health, medical and patient empowerment people and media.
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Guidelines for Reviewing Health and Medical Media
We invite you to review any of the thousands of media information resources available to patients, such as books, TV shows, videos, iPhone, iPad, Android or other smartphone health and medical apps, even movies and electronic games. Here are the guidelines you'll need for doing so.

Health & Medical Websites and Blogs
Millions of blogs and websites provide health information to patients and their caregivers about any health or medical need there could ever be. Some are credible and useful. Some are not. Here is an opportunity for you to share your experience with a website or blog with other empowered patients. (Please note that reviews of websites and...See submissions

Review a Health or Medical Book for Empowered Patients
If you have read a book that helped you (or didn't help you) get better health or medical care, I invite you to share your health or medical book review with other About.com empowered patients.See submissions

Review a Medical Radio or TV Show
Are you a medical TV show junkie? Are you still watching ER reruns? Or second guessing those Mystery Diagnosis conclusions on Discovery Health? Are you a fan of Dr. Oz? What is your favorite medical TV show? Or which ones don't you like? What have you learned about being an empowered patient from them? Review health or medical TV shows here.See submissions

Review Health or Medical "Apps" (Applications)
Hundreds of health and medical "apps" (applications) are available to help empowered patients self-manage their weight, allergies, diseases, conditions, medical-financial challenges and more. Here is an opportunity for you to share your experience with one of these health or medical apps with other empowered patients.See submissions

Health, Fitness and Medical Smartphone Apps Reviews
You could spend a small fortune in time or money downloading health, medical and fitness apps for your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other smartphone. Our About.com guides and their readers have done some of the legwork for you! Here is a list of the best health, medical and fitness smartphone apps we have reviewed. We invite you to share...

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