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Listen My Children And You Shall Hear - Is Time's Steven Brill Our New Paul Revere?

By February 25, 2013

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I spent hours pouring over last week's Time Magazine and its cover story, impeccably researched and written by Steven Brill, called The Bitter Pill - Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us.

His answer?† (c'mon - we Patient Empowerment types have sung this chorus before) Follow the Money!

My conclusion?† That this is the kind of media and impetus it takes to create a revolution, and therefore, Steven Brill is our modern day version of Paul Revere.

Only this time, the "Red Coats" are hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies who are taxing us without representation.† And they are taxing many of us - literally - to death.† No, not taxes like government because frankly, the government can't keep up with them.† They thrive because of a for-profit health system that has succeeded in capitalizing on the very statement you have read in these posts for almost six years:

American healthcare is not about health or care.
It's about sickness and money - making money from sickness.

Brill's exposť is extensive and (pardon the pun) rich. It includes the fact that insurers and the government are able to negotiate pricing (keeping the actual cost of care lower) - but that those who are not insured, and those who are underinsured, are gouged as if their lives depended on it.† (Oh wait! They do!)† It shows us how even the "non-profit" hospitals are laughing all the way to the many billions of dollars in profits bank, while crying foul when they are forced to treat someone who doesn't have insurance.

American healthcare needs its revolution.† Obamacare will help those who don't have insurance (because it will force them into positions where at least they can take advantage of that lower negotiated pricing.)† But Obamacare just isn't the revolution we need.

What will stop those hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device companies from killing us all?† Only a revolution.† We won one 230+ years ago.† It's time to win one again.

Anyone want to volunteer for the position of George Washington, Ben Franklin or even John Hancock?

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