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In the Wake of the Sandy Hook Shootings... It Reminds Me...

By December 21, 2012

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The talk today about the scammers coming out of the woodwork, pretending to be real charities for the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings... honestly, it makes me ill...

But it also reminds me that there are scam artists trying to separate us from our hard earned money, claiming they are charitable organizations every day.

And it further reminds me of one of the biggest frauds going; that is - real, bona fide charities that tell you they will do one thing with your money when, in fact, they don't really do that at all. Or perhaps, just as bad, when we donate to a charity with an assumption that it will be a good shepherd of our money, but its track record just doesn't reflect that.

Now, compound all that with the fact that we are reaching the end of the year when many of us begin writing checks to charities, both in the spirit of the holidays, and in the spirit of improving our income tax status, too... and what we do we have?

Well - unfortunately - sometimes that means some of us are giving away our hard earned money to organizations that will squander it.

So I'm here today to provide some resources to make us smarter donors, donors who know why they are giving, and are then giving to the charities that will best carry out their wishes.

Two resources for you:

How to Decide What Charities Deserve Your Money

How to Research Charitable Organizations

My wish for you is a happy - and generous - holiday season, and that your generosity is based on your confidence that your money will go toward good causes that really do good work.

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