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No Flu Shot? Here's a Way to (Maybe) Keep the Flu at Bay

By December 13, 2012

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There will always be those who don't get their flu shots. No matter what great reasons I give you to get one, including the concept of herd immunity (making sure you don't pass the flu on to others), you will still resist.

If you don't get a flu vaccination, your chances of getting the flu are FAR greater than someone who has been vaccinated.

If you do get the flu vaccine, your chances of getting the flu are minimal. Maybe even less than minimal.

Regardless of whether you have, or have not gotten your shot, there is a single piece of advice that will help you more than any other, keep the flu at bay; that is - keep your hands clean.

Wash your hands many times throughout the day. If you are around others who are sick, wash them constantly. If you are around others who COULD be sick (they have caught the flu, but their symptoms haven't started yet), then wash them frequently.

How will you know if you are spending time around people who are sick or could be sick? Well, that's easy. If you spend any time around other people who spend any time around other people then - yes - you are at risk of catching the flu.

You might be surprised at some of the information the CDC provides about washing your hands.

Here's what surprised me the most: antibacterial soap probably doesn't do a think to kill the germs on your body. In fact, it might even be dangerous.

Right now - go do it! Wash your hands. It's one way to try to prevent the flu, even if it's not the best way.

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January 6, 2013 at 12:21 am
(1) Gloria says:

Some of us have compromised immune systems!!! The one time that I got a flu shot — I got very sick with the flu when I had rarely had any problems in the past with flu illnesses. The same thing happened to me elderly father and he and I both said “Never again!!”

I think that it has been about 25 years since my flu shot and I have never had the flu! I do catch the odd cold — usually not more than one per year and with working to get to better health I didn’t even have a cold this year!!

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