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Open Enrollment: Be Wary of Bogus Insurance

By December 4, 2012

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They have very credible sounding names, like the American Trade Association, or HealthCareOne, or Global Healthcare, or ACA Health Insurance... but they are fake.  They are scams. They were set up only to take your money. They aren't insurance at all.

And, word comes down the pike that with the advent of healthcare reform and the Affordable Care Act, people who don't really understand the new rules are being pressured into buying insurance they don't need by cons who prey on their fears of being fined if they don't purchase insurance.  Wrong!!  The ACA individual mandate doesn't even kick in until January 1, 2014.

During this time of Open Enrollment (and yes - Medicare Open Enrollment ends this week!), if you have procrastinated because you don't know how to make the best selection, then it's easy to fall for scammers.  The problem is, by the time you've signed on, not only have you paid for non-existent insurance, but you have also, probably, given away all your personal information, too.  It's the insult of falling for a fraud compounded by identity theft.

In my attempt to help you keep your wallet and identity intact, here's some advice for avoiding insurance scams:

•  Don't get taken by fake health insurance frauds and scams.

•  The Individual Mandate and Health Insurance

And, too, how to choose the right insurance plan for yourself, too:

•  Open Enrollment for 2013 (if you have an employer)

•  How to find the right  health insurance if your employer doesn't offer it.

•  Open Enrollment for Medicare Recipients

•  Need help choosing the right Medicare plan for you?  Here's where to find objective, free advice.

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