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Patients and Providers Take the Pledge

By November 23, 2012

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Are you a participatory patient? Is your doctor, NP or PA a participatory provider?

If so, you can now announce your status to the world. The Society for Participatory Medicine has developed a program that allows patients and providers to not only pledge their proactive cooperation and collaboration with each other, but to make that public, too. Once you've signed off on the pledge, you can retrieve the "seal" to upload to your Facebook page, your website, or any other place you think it would be appropriate.

This capability has only just been announced (November 21), so you won't find the seal in a lot of places yet. But I anticipate that over time, you'll see it more and more, and at some point you'll be able to use the seal to choose doctors and other providers based on their willingness to work with you in a participatory manner.

You, too, are invited to take the patient pledge and to nominate your favorite doctor, too! It's quick, and its free. Here's more information about the seal and what it means. And here's the link you need to take the pledge.

Why not print out the seal homepage and take it to your favorite participatory providers and invite them to take the pledge, too?

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Seal Society of Participatory Medicine

November 30, 2012 at 1:44 pm
(1) gemdiamondintherough says:

I’ve copied the home page, but I am not able to find my dr. The site does not have a direct link to contact them. It would be helpful if they did. My Dr. is a well know dr. in our community, so I can not figure out why I can not find her! Not all of us use social media nor have high speed internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30, 2012 at 1:51 pm
(2) gemdiamondintherough says:

Now I went in to take the pledge and the only options are Facebook and Twitter. Like I said we all do not use social media or have anything but dial up!

December 1, 2012 at 7:55 am
(3) Trisha Torrey says:


There are very few doctors listed yet because they just launched. Doctors won’t appear until they’ve taken the pledge themselves. It’s probable she’s not there yet because it’s just so early in the launch.

You can speed up the process by nominating your doctor.


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