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Yes, Mitt Romney, You CAN Die from Lack of Health Insurance

By October 15, 2012

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... and Americans do die from lack of health insurance. Every day.

In case you missed this last week (I confess I did. I was taking care of family matters after the death of my father. But it was brought to my attention this morning by Merrill Goozner....)

It seems that Mitt Romney, presidential candidate, the man who disses on the 47% of us who, in his estimation, expect the government to take care of us (another aside - my husband and I are among those 47%, because we have TriCare insurance which we are eligible for because my husband served 20 years in the Air Force and EARNED it)....

...It seems that while in Ohio last week, Mr. Romney proclaimed that no one dies from lack of health insurance.

Say what?

This, by the way, following his statement during his debate with President Obama when he said that he would most definitely repeal ObamaCare, but that people with pre-existing conditions would continue to be able to buy insurance. Everyone sat up and took notice at that statement.... but few realized the next day that his campaign advisers said that NO - Mr. Romney didn't really mean what he said! No - not at all. Seems Mr. Romney just didn't explain it clearly. Wow - he's done that before... "misstated" reality...

Bottom line - if Mr. Romney gets elected, and you have a pre-existing condition, you can forget getting health insurance... Which means you'll want to pay attention to the next part of this post. Because if you don't have insurance, you increase your chance of dying prematurely.

Yes, Mr. Romney - Americans certainly do die from lack of health insurance. Don't take my word for it. From FactCheck.org - evidence that thousands of Americans die each year because they don't have health insurance. Or Harvard University - which reported that 45,000 Americans die prematurely from lack of health insurance each year.

They die because they can't afford to go to the doctor when they experience symptoms. So even if they go later to the ER, their illness or condition is far worse than it would have been had they sought earlier treatment.

They die because they can't afford their prescription medications, so they don't fill prescriptions even if they get them to begin with.

They die because they can't afford preventive medicine or screening tests.

But then - I guess these folks don't count. They are, after all, among the 47% and therefore - why worry about them? They won't donate to his campaign, will they?

Do I sound sarcastic and angry? You bet I am. I can hardly believe that a man who is so totally clueless about his "fellow Americans" could actually be a serious candidate for president and that people believe and buy-in to what he says.

And I'm angry about the people who will die if he is elected, simply because he is so clueless.

But then, I'm reminded that this IS America, and that anyone who is registered to vote may vote for anyone they think is the right person to represent them. Clueless or not.

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October 18, 2012 at 2:32 pm
(1) Jamie says:

Well said!! People are still missing the fact that they can keep their existing health care…the ACA makes it so that everyone can have existing health care.

Also- “I can hardly believe that a man who is so totally clueless about his “fellow Americans” could actually be a serious candidate for president and that people believe and buy-in to what he says.”

100% agreed. Thanks for your common sense and compassion, something R-Money most likely keeps in a bank overseas with the wealth he got by closing businesses.

October 18, 2012 at 4:21 pm
(2) gemdiamondintherough says:

You can die even if you have health insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It does not cover everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where do these people live????????
Not in the REAL WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 18, 2012 at 9:16 pm
(3) Jan says:

You know Trisha I live in the state of Utah and I know my vote for President Obama is not going to do much for me. But I shiver at the thought that we are going to elect Romney and I lose sleep at night worrying about what I will do if he is elected and my insurance goes away. Even though I know that Utah is more than likely going to cast their vote for Romney I will still show up and cast my vote for President Obama and I hope others like myself who are concerned about our country will do the same. Your vote counts please use it!

October 19, 2012 at 12:29 am
(4) Suzy says:

I live in Massachusetts. The same state that Mitt Romney was Governor of, years ago. I wasn’t impressed with his job as Governor.. I’m still not impressed.

I’m voting for Barack Obama again.. You have to give this president some credit. The economy didn’t get like this overnight, and it’s not going to take only four years to fix! It could take 8-12 years, who knows??

The thing that really impresses me about Obama is that he’s a people person, and can relate.. Romney looks as though he couldn’t even get along with a dog! lol..

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