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Regina Paints Her Sorrow and Her Hopes

By July 21, 2009

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Among the people I've been blessed to get to know through my advocacy work is Regina Holliday. She is unlike anyone else I know in the way she shares her passions, and she does so for all of us, so we may all benefit.

Regina's husband Fred died recently. While his death was the result of renal cell carcinoma, Regina believes his death was also the result of lack of health insurance until it was too late to diagnose and treat him.

Between them, Regina and Fred worked five jobs* before they were finally able to afford health insurance one year before Fred died. She believes that if they had been able to afford health insurance earlier, Fred's diagnosis would have come sooner and he might have survived.

[*Note: 5 jobs! I mention this specifically for those of you who have written to me or commented at my blog about those "lazy" people who could afford health insurance if they would just get a job!]

Her work as an activist who brings our attention to the plight of those who work but still can't afford health insurance comes through Regina's work as an artist. She is a muralist -- and has begun a series of murals about Fred, his disease, and their experience with the healthcare system.

If you find yourself in the Washington, DC area, keep an eye out for Regina's murals. When you see them, remember that it's important we all have access to good healthcare. That's not a political statement. That is what a just society provides to its citizens.

You can learn more about Regina and Fred, and the work Regina is doing now:

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Photo "grabbed" from myfoxdc news video linked above

July 22, 2009 at 12:30 am
(1) Cindy Sue Causey says:

That is so, so very sad to hear..

In my case, I had insurance.. My Fate was to unfortunately walk through the doors of government funded health care.. I almost died directly related to the quality of care I received.

Stories are abounding everywhere on this.. They certainly do need to first fix what we already have, that is fer shur.

My thoughts are with everyone as we all make it perfectly clear we are not going to take this “reform” sitting down.. :)

Warmest wishes from Talking Rock..

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